Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cute Lunch

My dear husband was at home taking care of the kids while me at work. Couldn't get an off day due to some work commitments. I can count on him taking care of those cute rascals. The only thing i worried is, apa la bapak diorang bagi anak aku makan kat rumah tu. He is not that good in cooking apart from instant maggi and flipping burger, he is hopeless. Sometime i would cook something beforehand or i will send food during lunch time (my house is only 10mins drive from office). But today i just left it to my husband to feed them with any food he can come out with. So.....during lunch time just now i got this mms from him: cute la telur tu! He cooked breakfast food for lunch. Tak kisah la, asalkan anak aku makan. He even prepared some toast & cheesy baked beans. The star shaped egg was moulded by a star shaped acuan i bought from Daiso. My son love his food even more if i shape his bread into a star. Good to motivate him to finish his food. Next time gonna buy other shapes available (heart, bunny, bear). 

P/S: Notice the red polka dots table cover? Bought that from Daiso as well, only RM5..good buy! :)

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