Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Raya Haji @ Alor Star 2011

Super duper delayed post about the recent holy Raya Haji. Been busy with works since the stock market gone haywire (FYI, i work in stock market) with all the bad news from US & Europe and also with all the penny stocks been excessively traded, you either laugh to the bank or cry a river.

Okay enough about work. Now some happy memorable stuff. We went back to Alor Star for Raya Haji. I think it has been about 3 years we celebrated Raya Haji in KL just because there isn't much things going on during Raya Haji except for the korban. But this year my dear lil sister is having her engagement on the second day of raya, so ofcourse la whole family have to be there.

On the day of Raya Haji, we went to give prayers to my brother's grave. Miss him so much especially during family gatherings. None gone to the raya prayers even those yang semangat yang nak pegi mulanya. After that, all family of my father's side gathered at my grandmother's house. Almost everyone were there. Happy time was chit-chating with cousins and keep up stories & gossips of what's going on in their life. And also the food. All my family simply love eating so whenever we are together, we are never without food. I did not manage to snap all the glorious food we ate because leceh la nak angkut camera everywhere when you simply wanna eat pasal dah lapar (buruk lantak kan?)

On second day of raya is my sister's engagement day. MasyaAllah she was so beautiful on that day, there were nothing but praise for her. Anyway, my sister is a natural beauty, tak make up pun dah cantik (not to brag but she really is) so just imagine tiba-tiba groom & make up sebegitu, ofcourse it will enhance her beauty. Don't believe me, just look at the pictures below. Alhamdulillah everything went well. The kenduri was modest but everyone that matters were there and happy for her. Hopefully everything will goes on well till the day they finally get married. Amin!

Ok now is pictures time. Tak berseri blog post kalau takde gambar kan? Se here we goes...

Raya Haji
Adam & Lisa, my cute niece. Funny thing was, i forgot to bring Adam's baju melayu. Was panic because i did not bring any decent clothes for him as well. So dengan kalutnya drove to nearby Tesco (coz it is the only one still open at 11pm) and bought that plaid shirt. 

My BFF who now becomes my relative cause she married my cousin. Best kan?  She is pregnant  now, tak sabar nak tengok her baby!
Ehem...sempat lagi posing manja dengan husband..hahaha!
With all the ladies (cousins) yang join forum chit-chat di hari raya.
Makan time!
Roti jala. Every year mesti tak miss hidang roti jala, ketupat palas & laksa at my grandmother's
Ketupat palas jagung. My favourite raya food!
Ahh..salivating! Yummeehhh!
Handling the korban beef. Sempat posing tu!
Barbecued beef cicah dengan ayaq asam..nikmat!

Sister's Engagement

Ayu gitu...dok tunggu nak sarung cincin.
So sweet!

I look so selekeh beside her
Makcik-makcik dengan all the hantaran. 
It was all family matters. When you are with family, everything are memorable. This weekend, another engagement ceremony, it's my cousin. May everything goes well. Amin.                                            

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