Thursday, May 26, 2011

10cents to Singapore

Just booked Air Asia ticket for whole family to Singapore next year. The Air Asia promo as advertised, is 10cents per  person but after added all the stupid airport charges, total i have to forked out is RM500++. la orang cakap indah khabar dari rupa. So before i click the payment button i do some homework on which option are cheaper, travel by bus or flight. Well, ticket bas pun dah RM70-80 per person, if you do the maths, 4 of us anak beranak pegi balik kan dah jadi mahal. So flight is the wise option, convenient & fast. I don't know why, but after confirmed my booking and paid i become worried. The trip is next year...still a looong time to go, what if suddenly we can't make it?? What a waste right? Well..hopefully tak la kan..i am too poor to waste RM500++ on ticket that i did not use. Pray that we manage to go that we can have fun at Universal Studio! Woohooo...(read this post)

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