Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prints & Kimono

Printed loose pants and kimono jacket. I would like to have both garments on my wardrobe. Since i donned the hijab, i  buy lots of jacket and cardigans to wear it with my tons of short sleeves tees/blouses. Both printed loose pants and kimono jacket are in trend right now and i am still finding the suitable ones that suits my budget and body types (big ass). Kimono jacket are expensive while printed loose pants are hard to find in my size. Another alternative to buy them is through overseas (online) such as H&M, F21, ASOS coz they brought in bigger sizes and more choices of designs, also cheaper than those sells in local malls. Spotted one nice harem pants in Cotton On (during their storwide 30% sale)  but sold out in my size..benci kan! For kimono jacket, spotted them at F21, Warehouse and Topshop but wayyy too expensive, i am too stingy to spend hundreds on a piece of cloth. So anyone, if you saw them cheap and nice do inform me ya! 

Abundance of prints! Harem, aladdin or palazzo pants,
as long it is printed & loose cut i am bought! *grins*

Looks like your pyjamas pants right? With the right style, it would look stylish and casual.

The draping, the asymmetrical cuts, the prints and the soft  fabrics.
Perfect staple in you wardrobe!
Again, it look like your bathrobe or nigthwear cover-ups right? Maybe it is the trend now to wear nightwear as outerwear?? As long as it looks good on you, why not give it a try?

Inspired to wear one yet? Start hunting for your choice of prints now and also do tell me if you found good bargain ya! 

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