Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cerita Raya 2011

Well....where & what to start first about my raya this year? As told earlier, we went back to my husband's kampung at Kabong, Sarawak. Lots of stuff going on during 11 days we were there. Had a wonderful time celebrating both Ramadhan & Syawal,in a kampung style. We did what the usual kampung folks did, that i would never ever done in Alor Star (my kampung takdela kampung sgt, more to 'taman', very modernized). From baking kek lapis Sarawak yang tak jadi, bakar lemang yang keras di luar lembut di dalam, burnt about 50 (or maybe more than that) mercun kotak yang cantik tapi amat la bising nak mampus, had bbq at the backyard, eating wholesome of ikan terubuk (i ate 1 whole fish myself!) almost everyday, went to a mini funfair (which is really nothing much there, with only 1 old-school ferris wheel & several 'game tikam' parlour) and enjoyed the beach nearby. Rest of the time was spent in front of the TV set watching as many malay dramas as i could hold while munching on kek lapis sarawak & biscuits. The reason i gained back my lost weight during fasting month :( !

To visualize better about my good days in Sarawak, please refer to the pictures. Warning, massive photo ahead. :D

The Pre-Raya
Kek lapis Sarawak in the making. From sahur till almost 1pm baru siap, but still tak jadi seperti yang di plan.  Which i won't ever wish to try and do it in the future, coz i am not that patient or skillful enough to bake one.
It was supposed to be the gulung version but in the end, pasrah pasal susah sgt, jadi la kek lapis warna-warni ntah papa. But still sedap!

While the women busy baking, the men busy bakar lemang. It was raining right after, kesian aku tgk diorang mempertahankan lemang-lemang itu. But takdir dah tentukan lemang tu tak jadi! FAIL!

First Day of Raya
Dania's scruffy face on pagi raya. Jenuh nak ikat rambut dia yang serabai tu.
Polka dot mak & anak :D
Bapak bersama anak yang taknak berkerjasama posing  gambar raya.
Our gambar raya yang tak berapa cantik

While waiting to snap family picture, this happened. Macam2 ragam, especially my daughter Dania , craving for extra attention!
Family picture! :D
Adam & Aina's boring faces while waiting

Untuk tatapan penggemar kek lapis Sarawak. Sedap tau!

Happy us! Heart this picture!

Me & my dear sister in law. Dania dah tido bila sampi 1st rumah..oh well!

Dania semangat tengok budak main bunga api. Nak bagi dia lepas gian, pegang  bunga api yg belum dicucuh pun jadi la, syok dah tu.


BBQ time! Yummeehh!
Kids enjoying bbq food.

The Beach
Kids at the nearby beach. Dania's first time on a beach. Curiosity was everywhere for her!
The Mini Fun Fair
The super mini fun fair. Nothing much but the kids still had a blast at the 'blow up  playground' (not sure what the name). Macam kandang monyet gila dah kat situ! hehehe

Overall, i enjoyed my raya in Sarawak. Eventhough there is always better when i am with my parents but i was happy nevertheless. Surrounded by my lovely and kind Sarawak family were such a joy. You know who enjoyed the most? My son Adam! Was playing with his bunch of cousins day & night, running, shouting and other god knows what activities they were doing! When he got back home, he cried because he is lonely & missing her cousins..kesian anak bujang mak ni! Till next year, we will meet you all again! 

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