Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Raya this year i will going back to Sarawak, my husband's hometown. The most excited person is ofcourse my husband. Can't blame him la..because he only go back there once a year. I yang selalu balik Alor Star pun rindu & excited everytime balik sana. My husband's hometown is quite rural. You know how big Sarawak kan, his kampung is at Kabong. About 6 hours drive from Kuching or 2 hours drive from Sibu. A village with only essential shops & facilities. No bank or atm, no clinic only klinik kesihatan gomen, no supermarket only kedai runcit, no restaurant only kedai kopi. The nearest town would be half and hour drive away, which is Sarikei (town besar Kajang je kot). Tapi takdela ulu sangat sampai takde line fon or letrik, cuma water source je kureng sket...kena catu especially time raya where the kampung will be full of people. Well..walaupun ulu, Raya tetap meriah. Raya kat kampung memang suasana dia lain. And the kids, my children sure syok jumpa all their cousins because compare to my side, my husband's side memang lagi ramai sepupu sepapat because his brothers & sisters dah banyak anak. The only set back is that, i wish i can converse in my husband's (sarawakian) language. So far i can only understand about 70% of what they're saying, the rest memang blur la...especially bila old generation yang sembang...totally blur!

Here, most of stuff for Raya has been bought. Bought some biscuits, serunding, kerepek, and also 50 pieces of roti jagung Gardenia (favourite org Swak, because kat sana tak jual) to bring to Sarawak. Baju raya also semua dah ada. And also baju for mother & father in law. So i am now all ready to celebrate hari raya at Sarawak. We will fly there on this Thursday to Sibu (my brother in law's house) and probably drive to Kabong the next day. Will be staying there 11 days, till 4th September.

Okay enough with the rantings, now nak selit gak gambar. Some of stuff bought for Raya and also some stuff not raya-related but just to share. 

Some of the biscuits bought. Not much, just all the favourite biscuits that i love eat . Notice that most of them are chocolate covered! Some for Sarawak, some are  mine. Biskut bentuk ice cream tu Adam yang pilih, entah sedap ke tak.
Serunding daging yang amat sedap from Pekan Rabu, Alor Star. And my favourite popia ikat.
This is Dania's (obviously). Bought it at this shoe shop at Sunway Pyramids. Can't remember the shop's name but there are lots of cute & pretty kids shoes, rambang mata nak pilih and the price are quite reasonable as well.  If i wasn't being rational i would have bought a couple more shoes for Dania! Also got some adult shoes. Do check it out when you are there, it is located besides Starbucks (near entrance).

This is mine. The only baju raya i have. Stripes, polka dots & denim.  This pic taken right after i just washed them to get rid of the 'bau baju baru' or  'bau kedai'.

Like i've told before, these are Dania's clothes that never been worn and given by others. There are some others but i was too lazy to search for it. So no more clothes bought for Raya! 
This is unrelated. Not for Raya but i just recently bought it. It is a kimono jacket! I did make a post about buying it. At last i've bought one from Cotton On. Wish i got more money so that i can buy 2 more of this in other prints. 
Also another unrelated pic but gonna show it anyway coz i think this is cute.  Adam's new toy, the cute Spongebob & Patrick doll in superhero costumes. He insisted to buy both of them, reason being he wants to fight & wrestle them both. Me, having soft spot for Spongebob as well, belikan jela. Anyway, i think this pic is really cute, don't you think so?

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