Tuesday, August 2, 2011

'Jimat''s your Ramadan so far? Mine was fine. The only set back is that i am in that 'time' of the month where i am excused from fasting. Tak syok la kan..orang semangat nak puasa tapi on first day itself dah tak dapat! Haisy..what to's out of my control.

Yesterday was the first day of fasting, i was at home with my kids. Off from work because their nanny went to Sarawak. Since i am not fasting, syok la dok rumah makan dengan anak-anak. I did not feel like the fasting month already started..teruk sungguh kan? Came noon, i went to nearby Pasar Ramadan. When i was there i keep reminding myself  "Bulan puasa jangan makan..bulan puasa tak boleh makan", because usually whenever i go to Pasar Malam i will buy some kuih (keropok lekor/karipap/cucur) and munch on the spot, i know buruk prangai kan..hehehehe. I almost drink Adam's milo ais that he asked me to hold. Haih..nassiiiibbbb! Aftter 2 rounds, i bought kebab kambing for me & my sis, nasi beriani and kuih buah melaka for my husband, char koay for Adam, rojak for all. My total money spent was RM20++. I think it was quite jimat, i hope everyday also can jimat like this.

Remember my last post about Raya shopping? Well, i have some confession to make. After determined not to shop any raya clothes for me, i failed! I just bought a bag & a jubah for myself! Benci! Suka tapi benci pasal habis duit!

I was contemplating to buy this bag for quite sometime. Since now the foreign currency got cheap due U.S financial crisis, so i thought now is the right time to buy them. And another reason (every purchased goods sure got some reasons attached right??) is....polka dot prints! My baju kurung fabric for this year is black & white polka dots, so you gotta get a matching bag right..right? But i still won't call it as 'Raya Bag' because i still would buy it if not because of the upcoming raya. Good thing was that ASOS (world famous online shopping hub) give worldwide FREE shipping..imagine buying as many as you want from oversea and no postage charges!

Spot print bowling bag from ASOS
This is the print of my baju kurung fabric
This is the print of Dania's baju kurung fabric

I also just purchased a denim jubah from Little Ilsya, an online boutique for muslimah. Since i worn hijab, been looking everywhere for the right jubah. Some looking too 'ustazah' others either too glamorous or so simple it looks like 'baju tidur'. The caftan ones make me look even rounder and pregnant. So finally i chose this denim jubah and it is on sale as well. I think it was a good buy.

A simple denim jubah. Wish i look this poised when i wear mine! Hahaha!
Talking about jimat..jimat la sangat kannnn? Hahahaha...Ok my shopping for this month stops here..hopefully! Actually i still wanna buy Schanaz  satin scarf in black and also a pair of jeans (the jeans i have now is either skinnies or too baggy due to one size bigger). We'll see how..if i have more money i will proceed with the jeans. If not,  lain kali jela yeee..

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