Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ramadan & Syawal

Since Ramadan, the holy month for us Muslims to fast is coming soon, it is appropriate for me to blog a lil bit about it. I've been thinking lately, what are my preparations for the upcoming Ramadan, instead of Syawal.

People always get so caught up on the Raya not the fasting month. What color theme for this year? Where to shop for baju raya? What color of my curtains this year? When to shop new set of clothes for kids?etc. I am lil bit guilty of that as well. I am not those kind that get really excited to change everything new for raya, ordered various kind of biscuuits & cakes or buy lots of baju raya for me & kids. I am just not that enthusiastic or 'semangat' like most makcik-makcik or mak-mak feeling. Whatever need to change i change..think rationally not emotionally.

Like this year, i decide to do only 1 set of baju kurung (already done) for me & daughter and my husband will buy 1 set of baju melayu for him & son as well. The theme is black. For other more casual baju raya, since i always buy clothes so i don't bother to buy anymore for me. As for my daughter, walaupun terliur tengok banyak sangat dress cute for babies, i restrain myself to buy it just because first, Dania is growing up so no point buying lots of dress that she will outgrown it in few months and also because she already have lots of unworn dresses given by relatives & friends. Since Dania already walking (at 9 months), I only need to buy her a new pair of shoes simply because she only has a pair, and that one dah kotor dan buruk. My husband every year pun tak beli any baju raya apart from the compulsory baju melayu. My son Adam, tak payah juga kot because boy bukan ada choice sangat pun..baju lama pun elok lagi. As for biscuits, as usual i only ordered those that i like and only for me & family to eat and usually habis before raya. For raya incase ada orang datang, my mak always bagi biskut yang dia selalunya over-ordered. So buat apa nak bazir kan, amik jela biskut tu..sedap pulak tu! My house don't need any necessary grooming or enhancement, only need to be clean or re-arranging some stuff. So overall i don't need any extra stress or burden for upcoming Raya just some extra money to bring back to kampung.

Back to my earlier question, what are my prepation for Ramadan? I try to be more of Ramadan instead of Syawal this year. Rasa bersalah bila terbaca artikel pasal topik ni. As i just discussed with my office mate during lunch just now, reality is i always not that excited about fasting month. Just as my raya preparations, my Ramadhan preparations are somewhat uninteresting as well. But, this year i want to change it..hopefully. Not preparation in what or where to eat for berbuka and sahur. Instead i try to do more amal ibadat than every other months. Before this, i did not manage to finish recite the whole Quran (selalu stop half way). Also since married i dah tak pegi terawikh dengan alasan pregnant atau jaga anak. I am also not the kind who wajib sahur, kalau boleh memang taknak sahur dan tidak akan lapar pun kalau tak sahur. But this year i will sahur everyday insyaAllah, kesian husband sahur sorang-sorang sebelum ni. This year i try to change all that to become a better Muslim especially on this holy month. So having said it all i really..really..wish i can gain more pahala on this Ramadan.

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadan pada semua. Diharap bulan yang mulia ini, dijadikan bulan yang penuh dengan amal ibadat dan cahaya keimanan di jiwa masing-masing. Happy puasa!

P.S: I am proud of myself because i manage to complete my 30days of 'ganti puasa' because i could not fast the whole Ramadan month last year due to confinement (after deliver my Dania).

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