Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend At Home

This weekend we decided to just lounge at home. When at home, mother's (my) job is never ending because i have to cook, clean and layan my kids (or maybe 3 kids if included my husband). Watching TV is nearly impossible because i can't hear the TV when my kids running around screaming and laughing like hell. Well, that if i ever get to watch TV, because Adam always watches his cartoons. My house is small & sempit. So whenever my kids play and punggah all the toys, rumah i dah macam loji sampah. Sometime it is hard to walk around without stepping onto any of the toys. Dah banyak dah toy yang jadi mangsa pijakan mak diorang yang heavyweight ni! We cannot restrain them from playing right? Kids still need to play, so macam mana pun mak diorang la yang kena ikut belakang kemas semua. If they eat and make a mess on the floor or table my work will be double. I hate when that happens! 

My dear husband? He will mend the kids only while i cook, bathing or solat, apart from that kena jerit baru terhegeh-hegeh tengok anak. Sit in front computer most of the time, cukup time makan, cukup time tido. Wah, so easy & relax! No wonder Allah bagi pahala banyak untuk wanita. So sabar la ye!!



  1. my dear lady dayana, just want to let you know that ... YOU ARE NOT ALONE! :D

  2. hahaha...which one that you agree on? the husband or the kids? both also need some spanking! hahahahaha....

  3. husband lah.... .. . .. . . wakakakakakakaa.............. they need our kick baru start work! :D