Monday, July 25, 2011


I might be too old talking about heartthrob. Well, every woman at point of her life do or did have their own heartthrob right? I am talking about celebrity heartthrob not the kind that you spot cute guy in school or mall, you go crazy stalk him and went ga-ga whenever you stumbles upon him.

Mesti semua pun ada your choice of celebrity heartthrob masa muda-mudi dulu kan..kan...eleeehhh, jangan tipu! Tersenyum tersengih sorang-sorang depan TV as if kalau boleh nak terjun masuk kat dalam TV tu peluk your heartthrob. May it be an actor or singer or even TV presenter/ VJ..we had our own silly moments whenever they appear on TV. Malam-malam sebelum tido belek gambar or tenung poster kat dinding lama-lama sambil fikiran terawang-awang beimaginasi berlari berpegang tangan persis adengan romantik drama Korea. Aik...wait, maybe i am the only one doing that, am i??? Well what ever la..i am guilty of that and i am not ashamed to admit it because it was fun and what made me happy then. I did not end up as a psychopath stalker but actually turn out to be a decent & normal woman, happily married with kids!

Ok enough merepek. Here are some of heartthrobs that made me crazy in love and rock my life!

Ala-ala-laaa....cute nya!
Yess baby, i had this poster on my wall. Imagine my family & friends 'ewww' face whenever they entered my room!

Take That!!! A boyband from UK. I am fanatic about them. Most of my teenage life evolved around them. Posters all over the room, airing their song continuously every single moments, not one single day i did not mention Take That in my conversation (sampai my siblings buat betting cabar i berpuasa dari cakap anything related to Take That for one day), owned every magazine, books, video, cassettes etc that related to Take That, forced my family & friends to support me by contributing any Take That stuff or even articles to me and some other crazy stuff that a fanatics would have done at that time accept for stalking them since they are sooo far away. That time i corresponded with several Take That fans in Europe and Australia (having oversea pen pal was norm at that time) so that we can share stories and exchange posters. I even had the same haircut as them (Robbie or Mark). Memang gila ahhhhhhh!

Ok enough of boyband. Now come the real heartthrob. Guys that keep me drooling and the hero of my nasty imagination. Takeshi Keneishiro and Takuya Kimura. Both are asian and Japanese (takeshi is half japanese). I prefer asian than those hollywood star. If i would have to choose hollywood star, it would be Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp (note: those 3 guys are really hot when i was young). But Takuya and Takeshi still top of my list. I watch almost every movie or drama featuring them. And after that i will imagine i was the heroine. Hahahaha....  I enjoy Takuya style of acting espcially, so cool! Do you know after all these years and Takuya is already in his 40's now, he still got the most endorsement in Japan? Not sure about Takeshi but i think he was in lots of international ad as well and recently been paid high sums to be the face or Armani. Well, but too bad both of them are taken and not available now. Takuya already married with children while Takeshi just announced he has a Japanese girlfriend. Nevermind, they still remain my heartthrob because they are actually still HOT !

Cute & sexy
Oh Takuya! Believe or not i even ask my boyfriend (now husband) to do the same hairstyle as Takuya.  Dengan harapan akan magically transform to be as good looking as Takuya?? NOT!

Takeshi Kenneishiro. Sexayyy!!! 
His eyes..his hair..his facial structure...perfect!
Love his smile! Apa pun love lah! hahahaha ;P

Ok done...sila lap air liur masing-masing. Just to share my list of heartthrobs, so that in future when my anak cucu want to know better about me, they can just refer to my blog and think 'Oohh..boleh tahan gak taste mak/atok aku ni. Patutla muka kami ada macam Japanese sket' Hahahahaahahaa..


  1. i love takuya too
    walaupun semua org ckp dah kertu
    who cares??? hahaha LOL

  2. hi....i am also a fan of takuya and takeshi too..., aren't they hot ? salam kenal dari indonesia :)

    1. hello! glad to know an indonesian reads my blog! Yes, Takeshi & Takuya are definitely hot! Even with all the k-pop craze right now, i think none of them beat Takeshi or Takuya hotness!