Wednesday, July 13, 2011


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Everybody seem to have a take on recent notorious demo. I am not a fan on politics and i don't take sides. For me both sides are the same, dirty & power driven. In fact all politic scene in the world are more or less the same. The only difference is that how it effect us as a citizen and how far they control it.

I understand what Bersih demanded. I even agreed upon clean election. I am proud seeing all Malaysian come together for one cause ( i assume they  majority are rooting  for the same cause). I am hoping that if this demo does any effect on Malaysia, it will be a positive one and every Malaysian will benefit from it.

But i don't like chaos, things that makes me feel unsafe at my own country. I am skeptical on the true intention of Bersih, especially those who organize it.  I am sad seeing how the foreign media summarized the whole issue and focus on negative things instead of what Bersih really are. Mostly i am terribly devastated to see one sided media coverage by both parties (local TV media by gov and internet media by anti-gov) because it makes people who do not know any better presumes, make judgement and blindly take sides!

Well, like i mentioned earlier everyone wants to be bijak pandai and talk politics as if they care all this while. I refuse to be that person. My post is just my heartfelt on the current issue, as a peaceful Malaysian. If your true intention is for a better Malaysia, i support you but please CLEANSE your soul first before anything else as this is all only 'Drama Dunia'. Peace.

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