Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1 year old Dania

Today is Dania's 1st birthday. Oh how time flies! It did not feel like it, Dania been in my life, our life for one whole year. She completes our family, because now i have a son and a daughter. Her laughter, the funny sound that comes out from her little mouth, her silly moves that she keep repeating because it makes us laugh, her eagerness  when there are foods and her clinging habits that follows me around everywhere. I will always cherished all that and it will be a sweet memory that i'll keep in me forever.

Since it is Dania's birthday, i want to share my pregnancy & labor experience. Just a brief story, so that Dania or anyone interested to know about it for future references.

My pregnancy was actually planned but somehow miscalculated. We decided to let off any precaution and ready to conceive our second child, because we wanted 3 years gap between Adam and his sister/brother. On just one try between 1 month, i was already pregnant. But like i said, it was miscalculated because by being pregnant on that time, means that i would deliver my baby near Ramadan, won't able to fast the whole Ramadan and still on my confinement when Syawal comes. And also my mother has to leave my dad alone at kampung during puasa month, just to take care of me during my confinement period. Kesian & leceh kan? Well, what to do kan?

My pregnancy was a challenge to me. Not because of the pregnancy itself because i did not experience any nausea, morning sickness, fatigue or anything that bothers my well beings. It was a challenge to me emotionally & mentally because at that time my dear late brother was sick and hospitalized. I was up & down to the hospital like it was my second home. Both my mom & husband was worried at me being exposed to hospital environment and also from the stress. But they won't dare to stop me because my mom still needs me handling everything and my husband knew me better that i would be stubborn and refuse to just sit quietly only because i am pregnant. My focus was my brother, my pregnancy was not my primary concern and i would only pray that Allah help me to ease my burden. Final blow was my brother's death, i was about 5 months pregnant that time. I was in grief, extremely sad that my soon to be born daughter would not know or meet her uncle.

So the rest of my pregnancy period after the great ordeal gone very smoothly. Till 4th August 2010, i went to work as usual but feeling a bit unease at my stomach. More like a period cramps. Keep running up & down the stairs to toilet (i use second floor toilet) thinking maybe i need to pass motion. Came noon, the pain were stronger but bearable. I still refused to accept that it was the sign for labor because my plan was to wait for my mom to come, which was still 5 days away. I was on my 38th weeks at that time. My husband dah kalut & worried. After work, i went home. I still can tahan the pain which came every 15 minutes. Sempat lagi suruh my husband bought KFC for dinner. Went to hospital at 8pm. Admitted, only 3cm dilated. Was given drips to fasten the dilation and doc came to manually pecahkan air ketuban. After that i was struggling like hell, battling with the pain. Shooting anger at my husband, making him even more kalut. The pain was extreme...only Allah knows! 10pm i was already 7cm dilated and was sent to labor room because i dah start nak teran. It happened so fast, all i could remember was that i push and push like crazy and finally this wonderful & precious lil' human being was put on my arm. She was born at 10.30pm, weighing 3kgs (the same weight as her brother). The pain instantly gone when i saw Dania's beautiful face. Alhamdulillah you came out healthy! We decided to name her Dania because it resembles of my brother's name which is Danial.

Now, after 1 year has passed, she still makes me happy and lift up my problem & pains away whenever i see her. Now i have 2 kids that makes me happy each day, both are equally love by me & husband. After one year, Dania can do lots of thing. She started to walk at 9 months, calling 'mak', ' bapak', 'abang' (eventhough sometime they sound the same), sips water from straw, imitates whatever we did or talk in her own funny way, has interest in books or colorful pictures and learn to play with toys.

Since it is fasting month, we won't be having any celebration or party. Just going to buy a small cakes as a momentous to signify a special day. Dania, my curly haired daughter..i wish you grown up to be a beautiful, healthy & happy child. I love you sooooo much! Now please enjoy the pictures.

Fresh from the oven!
About 2 months old, after shaving her hair.
3 months old, with he brother Adam.
Has grown to be a beautiful girl with unruly curly hair!
Lately, she loves doing this. Yoga maybe??
Sipping her own drinks
I love this picture. I think so far, the only pic that she genuinely laughs.
Latest pic of her. Just to show the state of her hair now. Semak betul, it's a jungle!

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