Friday, August 19, 2011

Do Your Kids Need Lingeries?

I just came upon this news on and was disgusted. What are they thinking? Letting kids expose like that? I don't know whether adult out there agrees with me or not but i can be sure most parents will be on my side on this. What angers me is that, those company that design this so called 'Adult inspired lingerie for kids' are so insensitive and profit oriented. Their defense is that those lingerie are not provocative or sexy for kids. Come on, if you name it lingerie instead of underwear or 'spender' it ought to be sexual elements in some way right? The only underwear for kids is those that have Dora, Spongebob, Disney's cartoon or superheroes characters printed on them. Not those lacy, frilly, ruffled lingerie that will aroused pedophile! Those designers either too ignorance or live in a world where there are no crimes involve children.

Come on la....there are already too many child rape cases and pedophile laying around. Just look at the website pictures, it is enough to attract those disgusting pedophile and god know what they think & feel upon seeing them! You may not think those pictures are provocative but believe me those pedophile do think so! Not only kids do not need lingerie but kids also are inappropriate to pose in one.

You may think i am over-reacted and negative or old fashioned. I can't be hip or happy when i see kids been exploit to another dumb marketing scheme right? I am a mother. News about child rape & abuse hurt me deeply. And i will object anything that can contribute to even more crime or feed the hunger of those sick pedophile out there. Why does nowadays kids are too fast to grow up? Kids from my era and now are totally different, they know lots of adult stuff and would like to grow up fast or act like a grown up. And there are loads of manufacturer markets their stuff to cater this so-called can't wait to be adult children. Make-up, heels, designer bags and other god know what. Now come this lingerie, if kids want to have a lingerie and even worse trying to wear it sexily to attract the opposite sex, then how? Young girls don't need lingerie, they need to be kids...playing around with friends and learning something new. Not thinking what to wear that makes them sexy or what lingerie to be matched with today's outfit. It just not right!!!

Truly speaking. Even provocative & sexy pic posed by a grown woman disturb me. Whenever i saw them i will question who are this woman? why she has no shame? is she somebody's daughter, girlfriend, mother or wife? if yes, how do they feel of her posing like this? does she know guys want to do bad things when they see her pic? Lots of such questions bedazzled me. So what do you expect me to react to a kids lingerie that promotes  sexual attention for kids???? Haihhhh.....

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