Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Pejam celik..pejam celik, dah 10 hari kita berpuasa. Doesn't feels like it right? How was your puasa so far? Rajin masak beraneka juadah or just frequent the pasar ramadan at your place? I am guilty on the latter. The truth is, so far i did not do any single cooking for break-fast, unless goreng telur mata is considered cooking! I salute to all mak-mak out there yang bertungkus-lumus masak dan mencuba berbagai resipi for berbuka puasa. Bahagia perut suami & anak-anak kan? Maybe i will be that mother when my children obliged me to..somewhere in the future! For now, this year, dengan Dania dok bergayut kat kaki time masak or sibuk punggah sampah & kabinet or trying to reach the stove or whatever within her reach i don't think i can cook in peace. Please note that usually, my husband will jaga the sibuk Dania whenever i cooks but now during fasting month if i would to wait for my husband back from work, dekat isya' baru dapat makan kot.

Soooo every afternoon, after work i will go to pasar ramadan (or Param as people now called it in short). Round 5x pun still takdak idea nak beli apa. I would usually buy for my husband, my sister, my son and me. This resulted in me consuming rice lesser, due to the dishes sold at Param are soo not tempting enough and mesti tak sedap! Kalau kuih muih lagi la tak lalu tengok..still dare to charge me 40sen each. Memang tak berbaloi beli. So usually memang dah ada selected seller that i would only buy from. Sebab tu kalau dah 10 hari dok beli kedai tu jeee memang muak dah la. hahahaha...Unless i am adventurous enough to go to other places Param, memang sorry la nak tempuh all the jam plus finding parking spot just to ubah selera. So now no choice but to just buy whatever sells at Param here. Less than 1 month je kottttt.

Last weekend was iftar with my cousins. The cousins who resides within KL & Selangor. This is a must event every Ramadan and this year the crowd are bigger & merrier. We dine at Dorsett Regency Hotel at Subang. One of my cousin got 50% discounts on their Ramadan buffet so apa lagi, ramai-ramai serbu la. The food was abundance, and some are good. There are mixes of  Malay cookings (lauk-pauk), Mid-eastern cooking, kambing golek, pasta, sushi, cold cuts and some traditional kuih & desserts.  Did not took any single picture of the food because i was too caught up with food and also taking care of my lil girl Dania that keep reaching out on my plates. Only picture of us cousins..happy just being together and full from all the eating.

Lovely cousins. The best people around!

The ladies
The happy children.

On a positive note..or maybe a happy ones. I am going back to my hometown Alor Star this Friday. The best thing in life is eating your favourite food & dishes back home at your childhood hometown. Heaven gila makanan dekat Alor Star...homecook or outside food, both are much much more delicious and berbaloi dari kat sini. Really..really looking forward to iftar at Alor Star!!! *excited*

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