Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Screaming Mother

I honestly do not know how other mothers do it. Being patient, lemah lembut, tenang when comes to children's impossible behavior. Since i have 2 children at home, everyday every night you will hear me screams..out loud ok? Macam orang nak kena rogol tu..lebih kurang macam tu la..seriously. The condition of my house jangan cakap la..bersepah macam kena samun. I mop my my house almost every day..sometime right after 30mins one way or another my children will spill something again..and i have to mop again...again..again! I am not the kind who tak kisah rumah bersepah, berhabuk, can't stand it. Not blessed with well behave kids and also not blessed with great patience to handle them.

Just came back from work. After climbing stairs to 4th floor (no elevator), dukung my 9kgs daughter, still out of breath..upon reaching home, keep my stuff and store whatever i bought or brought out whatever things to cook for dinner (defrost). While doing all these my children already kecoh..."mak nak ni" "mak nak makan tu" "mak tolong bukak ni" "mak kenapa tak boleh ni" as for my daughter who still cannot talks, will make all kind of noises to get my attention..or sometime even worse they started to fight, rebut barang or spill something. Me, still out of breath, tudung pun belum bukak, duduk pun belum have to face all to tahan? Apa lagi scream out loud la..i think that is the only way to gain their attention but still not effective. Then tell me how?

Busy cooking. While cooking the little nosy daughter enters kitchen, korek sampah or open the cabinets pull out all the tupperwares or containers (walaupun dah berpuluh kali susun elok2). Okla fine, sabar lagi...shout for my husband to take her away. Finished cooking, time to eat. While eating, my son (who eat as well) will buat perangai nak itu ini, usually either me or husband stop eating, get up and layan him. And my daughter will come to me..panjat dan jerit-jerit want to have whatever i eat, sometime ends up tumpah makanan. Hilang mood nak makan. Worse scenario, both of them buat prangai nak itu ini, menangis, tumpah makanan, while husband busy playing games...sedangkan me trying to eats. Apa lagi..scream out loud la..still not effective. Then tell me how?

After like the longest time, doing house chores. Finally got chance to sit down or lie down to watch TV, kena pulak cerita movie best. Tried to watch but it is hard to hear unless subtitles included, which is hardly. My children making so much noise..either they play loudly, gaduh loudly or one of them crying. Or even worse, they will do something that makes me started on doing house chores again! Husband buat ape, playing games, wearing headphones, oblivious of the chaos and of his wife going mental. Apa lagi..scream out loud la..still not effective. But whenever i scream it is more of me releasing my frustration or anger, rather than to scare my children. Then tell me how?

Even nak pegang iPad pun my daughter won't let me. She will sit on my face, yes right on my face so that i only look at her. Attention seeker she is. Even worse that now she loves to scream as well..ikut i la tu. Proves that screaming only brought negative impact and absolutely not effective. Then tell me how?

I don't know la mothers. Please tell me how you do it. Those of you that can still be patient. Cakap dengan lemah lembut walaupun anak buat perangai. Not those mother with bibik indon, yang tu half the job already..i am asking those mothers that don't have assistant at me..but can still handle the stress and being patient about it. Please tell me how? Do you ever wish that you can run out of your house, checked in to hotel and spend your time alone from all this? I do...but i can't do it..i will sure miss my children! Now please tell me how???


  1. rasanya semua mommies pun macam tuh. kengkadang nampak macam kita jahat coz daddy leh layan baik jer. yelaa, time anak2 buat perangai dengan kita. so, punish pun kita. yang pujuk balik pun kita. yang marah kita. yang rindu pun kita. tido carik mommy. susu carik mommy. bila nak marah hubby, kita jugak yang kena balik. dayana, ko terpaksala butakan sebelah mata n pekakkan sebelah telinga. rumah sepah sikit takpela. pasal anak2 bising tuh cuba ko cakap bisik2. maybe they will find it interesting then sama2 cakap slowly. mana tau kan

  2. haih..ntah la alin oii..ckp slow2 mmg tak jalan. Aku plak habit jenis suka menjerit2..tpi dlm umah jela aku jerit pun..kat luar kalau jerit mcm tu rasanya kena msk wad gila dh kot. hahahaha