Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger. I admit that i started this blog just for me to merepek and record events but other than that my blog is not interesting to read at all! Yela, i created this blog bukan for others baca or nak popular but i suka baca interesting blog with great contents. But my blog? Bleergghhh....melalut ja, nak baca pun malas. I realized i am better at telling story personally than composing them. Real life cerita boleh add effect and mimik muka. Kalau compose a blog you have to really have the right words & sentence to describe your feeling or readers can't get your point & emotions. 

Here i list down why i am a bad blogger:

  • Tak pandai nak compose an interesting story into an interesting story to read & enjoy. Faham tak? Some people have a gift of composing a simple story into a elaborations of interesting ones. Cerita keluar pegi shopping pun seems exciting bila dia cerita. While me, nak compose memang tak sampai niat kekadang tu. Karangan kat skolah dulu pun markah selalu tak tinggi. Tapi i love reading because i love to read words that strings together to make a beautiful story. That's why la nak feeling-feeling gitu tapi end up jadi cerita boring yang diri sendiri sahaja yang faham. Hahahaha...
  • Not spontaneous enough to take pictures. A post is not interesting without any pictures. I admire those blogger that manage to snap all their activities and blog about them. For example the famous & beautiful blogger Vivy . She always manage to have someone snap her during any moments, tak kisah la yang momentous or tak. Gambar tengah tension, tengah gaduh, tengah makan, all are taken if she has a photographer stand by to snap every little things she did. Then she will post a funny picture and blog about it. I also very shy to snap picture in public especially tengah shopping or tetiba nampak benda interesting nak snap..tapi i malu youuu...segan! Fear of people saw me and said 'isk jakunnya budak ni, tu pun nak amik gambar'. But when the other bloggers did it and blog about it rasa macam natural je kan?
  • I am lazy & busy. These 2 reason are strong enough. No need to elaborate.
  • My life not interesting enough. My life revolves around my work which is boring and my family, which is mundane. I work in stock market industry, sure you won't want me to bore you about market updates or rant about the clients i have to handle everyday. Some story about family i won't share in this blog and i am sure you guys do not want me to blog about every little thing that happens like what i did where i go what i think. Not much happens that worth to blog. Even if something did happen, refer to reason no.1, i tak pandai nak make it interesting.

So that are the reasons. I know many bloggers yang macam i, tapi syok sendiri nak ada blog jugak. Takpela kan....janji kita happy. Takdak orang baca pun takpa, janji kita sendiri baca & faham. Worse come to worse, i still have my one and only avid reader, which is my husband. Dia tu suka sibuk baca blog ni. Lain kali nak story apa-apa kalau dia buat tak layan pasal sibuk main game (this always happen!), i will tell in my blog so he reads it. Hahahaha...

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