Saturday, August 30, 2014

Why I Love Malaysia

I seriously love my country. If i have the choice to be reborn, i still choose to be a Malaysian. And i feel sad whenever other people, especially Malaysian talk bad about Malaysia (even though it is true). As i grow older, my love for Malaysia become stronger. I am not conventionally patriotic but i really really love Malaysia and i am proud to be Malaysian. So, on  Malaysia's 57th Merdeka, i make a list of why i love Malaysia.

  • You gotta love the variety of food. You can enjoy malay, chinese, indian and mixture of other races food that is halal and easily accessible till late hours. I once visit Singapore, even to buy buns, i have to be skeptical on the halal-ness. You won't have that problem in Malaysia because Malay muslim is the majority consumer.What more if you are non-muslim, you can eat all the food mannn!
  •  I enjoy the multiracial culture. Where you can learn multiple language and understand other races and religions' practice. All my life till now, i am surrounded by multiracial environment. I think it is a waste if you live in multiracial country but you choose to mix with only your own race. Apart from mix parentage, from young i live in chinese neighborhood, my school (convent) is multiracial where most of my friends & teachers are chinese (some indian as well) and till now i work with most of chinese colleagues. Malaysia's multiracial environment makes you understand others more as well as open your mind to diversity & toleration. I bet if you ask any American or British how chinese celebrate lunar new year or how indian prays they'll be clueless. It is not about who is greater but it is to learn to accept & respect diversity with better understanding.
  • Peace. Even though nowadays crime rates are increasing, it doesn't makes me go out and be paranoid about it. Alhamdulillah i still freely can go out to work everyday safely, i can still bring my kids anywhere without worrying whether that place will be bombed and i can practically do anything i want to without anyone kacau me.
  • Wet toilet. Being malay muslim i need proper water pipe in the loo. I was so frustrated whenever i enter a toilet without one, especially oversea's public toilet. It is like you sleep in your own room that is much more better than any 5 stars hotel's room just because it is familiar to you and more convenient.
  • I am not sure whether everyone agrees with me but i love Malaysia because we are not overly radical. Most of the things here are still conventional. We still do most of the thing traditionally. Honestly i don't like to be too modern where everything is acceptable just because you have the right to. Maybe because i am older now. But i really hope we stay this way. 
Having said all that, ofcourse there are some things i wish Malaysia will be. For instance I really wish for better education system. And i also wish more Malaysian are civic minded or we will end up like China (you know what i meant). 

Like how we love our family & accept their flaws, it is the same for my love to Malaysia. I am proud to be Malaysian, and only a Malaysian can make Malaysia a better place. It is not too late to raise our kids to be a better Malaysian.

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 57 Malaysia!!!

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