Sunday, January 17, 2016

Blogging mood is back!

Wow, it's been too long right? Malasnya lahai nak buka blog ni update. I pun dah lama tak baca blog orang lain. Can't be bothered anymore. Not that i been super busy, just goes on with life as usual. But today, suddenly rindu nak jenguk blog kot kot la dah tukar jadi blog lain dah. It happens you know, where someone uses your blog url and directed it other non sense website. But i guess it won't happen to me kot pasal blog i bukan femes pun kannn. So finally i decided to activate my log and try to update it now and then when i have the mood to. Ada lagi ke pembaca?? Hahahaha...

As expected, lottttsssss of things happened while i am away. Nak story one by one harusla panjang berjela kan, and i hate reading long winding posts. So as usual i will summarize everything in points on what been going on in my life. Only those momentous one.

  • I am currently 5months++ pregnant with my third child *YAY* Been trying to get pregnant since last year, Alhamdulillah baru ada rezeki tahun ni. Before this, i keguguran on the 6th week. My miscarriage experience was interesting. I will share it in another post soon. My edd will be on mid May. Doakan everything goes on well for me ok?

  • We bought a landed house! We moved to our new house around April last year. It was a second hand house located at the same taman as our apartment. Memang nak cari within the same taman pun because it is easier for the kids' school and transportation arrangements. Our house kecik je. It was a renovated house with kitchen cabinets & extensions, it only need a new coat of paint and we renovated the toilets. The costs of buying & moving houses are scary. I am glad everything is settled now and we have our own landed house with our own porch where my kids can cycle & play. The best part is, no more climbing the stairs..Yayy! We rent our apartment, belum masuk rumah baru dah ada orang datang nak sewa. Asalkan depa sanggup panjat tangga, i ok je!  
  • Another big thing happened in my life is that i was no longer working. End of last year, i requested for CTS (career transition scheme). Ala macam VSS la gak, nama je lain. The reason was that i was bored & had enough of how things work at my workplace. I've been working there for 12 years and i don't see myself going anywhere with my career in the future, not with the current management. So CTS is an easy way out. Not sure if it was a good decisions but i was determined. Currently i still doing trading but commission based. Work from home, because i want to take care of my kids. So far so good. At least i am happy. No more Monday blues or office routine. My life is all about my kids now. With new baby coming soon, i am actually excited to be able to take care of him/her exclusively by myself. Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya.  

 I think that are all i can share on this post. Kan nak cerita yang penting je kan. Lagipun nak prepare lunch for my boy yang nak pegi sekolah nanti. Yang lain in next next post la ye, when i have the mood to. Thank you for reading. Assalamualaikum!

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