Sunday, February 24, 2013

My life so far

Wah, lama jugak i tak update blog ye. Well, takdak siapa bother pun kan? Hehehe.
Just quick update of what happened throughout my silence from blog-sphere. Nothing major happened, but effect jugak la life daku yang serba mundane ni.

Me & family went to Legoland. Exciting experience, especially if you are a lego fans. I did enjoyed myself but not as much as my kids. All the rides are more kids oriented. Adam sampai sekarang dok tanya bila boleh pi lagi. If you are bujang, young & restless, better spend your money at Universal Studio because you enjoy more thrill rides there, unless you lego fans or simply can't resist theme parks (like me!). Legoland is very family oriented and convenient for those with kids. Tempat change diaper, tido anak, buat susu, feeding, memang disediakan bilik khas yang air-conditioned, bersih dan selesa. Siapa ada bibik boleh placed you baby in the baby cot to sleep or let your toddler play inside the room all day because semua dah complete. And playgrounds are everywhere. Means kalau parents tak larat jalan or too hot (panaih sungguh tau), you can sit down and let your kids main kat playground besar tu. Convenient kan? I really appreciate it.

On first day of Chinese New Year, at 3a.m my office caught fire. Started from the rooftop, and burnt down the second floor. I operate at ground floor, so my workstation is safe. But it was very inconvenient for us to work due to the dampness caused by the water hose sprayed by firemen when they tried to put down the fire. Memang office to bau bakar & lembab. Guess we have to live with this condition for few months before the re-constructions completed.Quite unhealthy also. Due to the built up mould and dusty air. Some of us already not feeling well.

Talking about unhealthy. Apparently each one of my family down with fever except for me. Started with my son. Sick for almost a week then my daughter's temperature gone up. Till now, she is still weak but the fever has gone, only her appetite and energy haven't came back and still cranky and moody. And the same time my husband also down with massive fever, the kind that weakens and steals his appetite and he can only lays in bed all the time. So left only me, the not so super-mommy that have to take care all of them. I am not having any fever but can't say i am in my optimum health as well. Caught flu and thick phlegm haunting me till now, rimass! Oh and i somehow have a pink eye, so sekarang sepet sebelah. Buuttt...being a mother, i still have to forget my misery and take care the rest of my family that needs my care & attention. Bila dukung my daughter pegi hospital untuk cek darah, my son trolling along, my husband still sick at home, terasa macam sayu sedih jugak kena handle and struggle semua sorang diri walaupun hakikatnya i sendiri pun tengah sakit. Pujuk & hold my daughter in the emergency room to her blood drawn for test wasn't easy, sampai air mata i pun meleleh tengok dia mearung sakit. That moment i felt all alone and almost pity myself because i got to handle everything myself. But i always be optimistic and toughen up myself, by thinking that ibu tunggal are everywhere and they have to face this everyday without help from spouse. There are lots of people in a much more worse situation than me. And i reminded of my own mother going through hell taking care of my late brother..all by herself for months! Haih...i am ok, only the sickness in me made me all emo and self-pity. Hehehehe. Afterall, i do syukur that i am the one that healthy enough to take care of them, otherwise pensan i pasal sakit pun sure my kids still want their mak not their bapak. I pray that my family will be fit & healthy again. So that we can be active, out & about again! Amiiinn!

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