Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Year Older


While i am away from the blog sphere, i am another year older. Yessss..i am 32 alreadeehhhh! Alhamdulillah for 32 years of life. Hope i am more wiser and kinder.

Every year mesti i akan buat wish lists for my birthday presents kannn? Well i'll skip that for today because takdak apa sangat nak wish pun. Most of the stuff i wanted last year i already got them.

But i still get presents from my husband and sisters. Before my birthday, my husband kept asking what i want, i always answered i only want iphone5 (coz that time i uses my husband's old & outdated iphone 3gs). If he couldn't afford to buy me iphone5 then i tak kisahla dia nak beli apa pun because i taktau nak mintak apa for birthday. I did not paksa him pun because i know iphone5 is ridiculously expensive, even i pun sayang duit nak beli! But my husband being sweet and thoughtful and also because he just been given bonus & increments, presented me with a smashing brand new iphone5..yayyy! Why iphone5? Because it takes awesome pictures and i can finally buy all those cute phone covers!! Currently i am using this cover. Proves that i am still nuts about polka dots! And it matches my blog's background! Because the polka dots is 3D (timbul-timbul), my kids love to play with it. Tanya nak warna apa lepas tu buat-buat ambil makan candy from the colored circles.

Then my husband treats me birthday lunch at Tony Roma's. I ordered lamb ribs (i am a sucker for lambs). It was sooo goood!  The lamb meat is tender and the crispy fat layers is scrumptious!

 My sister also blanja makan buffet lunch at Cyberview hotel. The food was ok but by the time we reached there most of the good stuff is finished. Nevermind, still had great time chit-chating with my sister. 

My younger sis gave me a sunglasses. Ok, i yang mintak sunglasses tu dari dia..hehehe. Because my favourite sunglasses dah jatuh dalam jamban kat R&R. When we went to shop for sunglasses, i was quite shocked to know that most branded ones are priced over RM1k! I never knew, because all these while i pakai yang RM10 pasar malam sunglasses saja, habis mahai pun yang Vincci ja, tu pun about RM20++ ja. And of course la i tak kering hati mintak dia beli yang mahal. After survey,Ray Ban punya gak yang ok. Below RM500, and the design suit my taste. I chose this design. A tortoise frame wayfarer. The others tak berkenan sangat, mostly macam mak datin sangat. Frame besar bulat, makes me look older and rounder. Rectangular shaped is just nice for my round chubby face.

Ok enoughla cerita pasal birthday. I am just thankful for the life i have. Actually on March is all about eating. If you see my instagram pictures, it is full of food pictures. Then you understand why my body in this state. Check me out on my instagram. My profile name is Ladydayana. I update there more often than anywhere else.

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