Monday, April 8, 2013

Wicked Witch

My company had an annual dinner recently. A theme one. You may dressed as your favourite character or personality. Most my colleague were excited to choose their costumes at the shop. I was too. Till i saw the costumes. Most of them are too tiny for me. Those that suits me are not appropriate for me, you know la kan..i am a mother, i wear hijab, gemok pulak..tak sesuai la kalau nak pakai merepek sangat. 

Finally i just wear my own black jubah, buy a pointy hat and a cape. Guess what i am?? A wicked witch! Was parading the complete costume in my house when Adam saw and asked me, "mak, mana penyapu? witch kan ada penyapu". He kept asking me that questions as if it is a sin without a broom. Luckily my office mate told she had one very realistic broom to complete my witch persona. And she even lend me her boots. Memang menjadi lah nak jadi witch malam tu! Look at the pic below, macam witch gemok nak terbang dengan penyapu ajaib kannn??? Hahahaha!

To be even more convincing, i youtube 'witch make up tutorial' and was inspired to draw a spider web on my cheeks. Funny thing was, most people were making fun of my broom. I got several request to sweep the floor. Even the clubhouse manager told me "Kak, tak payah bawak penyapu, kami dah ada" Ketuk dengan peyapu baru tau!

My costume was actually biasa je kalau nak banding dengan yang lain. They wore even more interesting costumes. I ni just main pakai je untuk kena dengan tema, since most of my colleague nak pakai costume. 

Buutttt....suprisingly...i won best dressed! Cash prize of RM300. Terkejut i! I am sure it was because of the broom. My broom was famous you know. Ramai orang amik gambar dengan i requested me to hold the broom. Haa..siapa kata penyapu bawak sial. This penyapu swept RM300 to me! Hahahaha! And of course i had to belanja the lender of the broom. But really, it was an unexpected winning. 

All in all, apart from bad food, i had fun. Oh, and our branch singing performance won 3rd prize. Cash prize of  RM500. To be shared among 12 of us. That was unexpected as well because we sang suka hati je. Rezeki kannn. Most important thing was, we all enjoyed ourselves!

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