Monday, September 2, 2013

My 2 Kids So Far

Macam lama tak update about my 2 kids kan. My sweetheart & my heart attack all in one. Taking care of these two is not an easy job. Salah ajar kot mana entah, lain macam ja aktif dia. They can make me laugh & happy and on other time make me want to run away from home and cry in the corner.

My 6 years old Adam now can read in both Bahasa Melayu & English and talks even more. Haih budak tu kalau bercakap macam makcik. Asks all sort of questions and kekadang macam tak masuk akal soalan dia tu. Whenever i am with him when he watches tv, mesti akan ada soalan yang ditanya setiap 5 minit. Lepas tu si adik akan tanya balik soalan sama, saja nak attention ikut apa abang dia cakap. Letihh ooiiii...nak jawab.

Adam also loves to eat. Selera macam mak dia. Makan bersambung-sambung 3-4 course. At 6, he is now weigh 22kg. Perut pun buncit. He always asks me what i ate for lunch at work. When i told him i ate something delicious he will eager to eat them as well. Dulu time kecik punya la susah nak makan sampai muntah-muntah kena paksa makan. So parents out there, don't worry if your kids taknak makan, chances are, they will eventually enjoy eating like a normal human being. I hope when he enters secondary school next year, he will shed off all those access fat he accumulated. If not, i will still love him unconditionally, fat rolls and all! :)

Dania, my cheeky girl is the one that gives me heart attack every now and then. Just turned 3 on August. People talks about terrible 2 (for 2 y.o toddlers), but mine extended till horrible 3. She is an attention seeker, always up to something mischief, stubborn and very very active. Kalau keluar gi memana, peluh kat ketiak ni tak pernah kering. Asyik kena kejar dia je. Just recently, naik flight dengan dia for 2hrs, rasa macam nak jerit-jerit dalam flight tu...tension sangat layan kerenah dia yang tak reti duduk diam tu. Drama queen also ye. Kalau abang die buli die, pandai tambah asam garam siap buat drama macam dasyat sangat abang dia buat. Kalau nak bagi dia makanan or minuman kena bagi direct dari tangan kita, tak boleh main letak atas meja je (ngada-ngada sangat!). Kalau nak something memang she makes sure she gets it or else she will keep repeating and crying sampai kita rimas. Luckily so far dia tak pernah lagi la buat prangai kat shopping mall nak toys or chocolate, dia tak pandai nak mintak benda macam tu lagi. Kalau keluar gi memana, dia akan terus larriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tak toleh belakang dah. That is the reason i do not wear any heels or wedges anymore. 

Good things i want to share is, Dania already free from diapers. Even when she sleeps. Only kalau nak keluar memana jauh dan lama baru pakai. Jimat duit beli diapers. Now, to be free from bottle feeding. Harap berjalan lancar.  Dania, anak mak yang suka pakai dress 'pusing' (dress kembang), yang suka gelar diri princess, yang mengaku diri dia good girl, yang cakap bahasa alien, mak harap one day when you are mature and behave, you will my be my champoin daughter and put up with me like i did when you are little. 

Now,  looking forward i want to kick those two out from my bedroom. Tido bilik lain. But first kena buang rasa takut akan hantu diorang tu. Especially Dania yang takut 'hantu tarik kaki' datang tarik kaki dia. Hantu tarik kaki deserves to be told on another blog post. Hehehehe...

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