Monday, October 21, 2013

Hidden Cost

Almost everyday now people complains about cost of living harga itu naik, harga ini naik. Kita pun terasa gak kan. The same money spent now will have lesser purchasing power. I ni bukannlah jenis yang berkira itu-ini sangat or a bargain hunter yang kejar sales or gunting any kupon to get discounts. Sekadar discount RM2-3 tu i kira faktor lain gak, macam kos pegi sana, masa and adakah ia berbaloi. And i will never ever purposely face the hectic crowd to shop at SOGO eventhough it give out discounts up to 90%. I also don't stock piles of stuff (barang kegunaan harian) just because it is cheap right now. Simply because i tak suka simpan barang and also lack of storage space and also i tend to change brand if dah jemu. 

You must be wondering apala makcik ni tetiba merepek pasal cost & shop ni kan? Takdela, on this post want to share with you what i actually think when shop for exorbitant stuff. So, beforehand i have to explain how i am when i shop for normal everyday stuff. By saying exorbitant stuff, i mean to buy house, cars, designer brands and other expensive stuff that involves lots of money.

When we want to shop for our car, mesti dalam kepala otak tu kalau boleh nak kereta import, nak kereta besar or mpv (for family) and look really stylish & nice. Macam i, teringin sangat nak pakai imported MPV car that has spacious space and really-really nice interior. I prefer interior specification than how the car look like externally. Nama pun 'teringin' kan, so with my current household income, when i see big expensive cars, what comes to mind are: Expensive road tax, expensive insurance, expensive service & maintenance cost, big fuel tank to be filled and more fuel consumptions (means pening kepala whenever government announced oil hikes) and also more pressure to jaga the car. I don't know what people with my sort of income thinks when they committed to buy such car. Maybe they are aware of the actual cost but just put it at the back of their mind. Or they are too naive to know about the actual cost of owning a car and pening kepala later. I concern of what kind of cost i have to bare, apart from the monthly installment and memang tak sanggup nak pening kepala every year. Thus, i only own Proton Pesona yang every time bayar insurance or major service, i rasa macam nak jual sebelah buah pinggang je. Hahahahaha..ok tu gurau je.Sebab tu la kalau you tengok most tokey apek cina yang owns lots of property and investments pakai kereta cabuk or biasa je. They are actually very aware of the actual cost and choose not to submit. But that also means the apek are stingy & too calculative because he can actually afford nicer car for his own convenience.

 Same with house. Big house, big also la benda lain. Now i live in an apartment. Which is easy to maintain and very cheap monthly installment. Bayar kereta lagi mahal dari bayar rumah. Apart from kena panjat tangga to 4th floor day in day out, i love & happy with my humble apartment. Bila my husband mention about moving to bigger house, which is landed house (one of our future plan is to own one), walaupun i like the idea, kepala otak i masih pikir kos lain. Bigger house comes with a bigger space to clean, mantain and furnished. Bigger house comes with bigger electric bil. Bigger (landed) house means i have to take care of the porch and also security. Bigger house means my kids can be anywhere everywhere without my surveillance and do stuff that i might not like. Paling i tak tahan memikirkan, banyak nya ruang nak kemas, sapu dan mop nantiiiiiii! Being a bit OCD in house cleanliness i memang really concern of big space to clean. Okla, emosi sikit. By the way, i already told my husband that i insist a once-a-week clean up assistant to help me clean a bigger house. Well, bigger house effect uncalculated cost sebenarnya, yang tak melibatkan duit tapi membebankan diri. Maybe i think too much. Maybe it will be fine. Yeah..maybe. Buttt..if you have extra money and can afford it, beli la rumah. Much much better investment than changing car now and then.

Itula ceritanya apa yang tercetus di kepala otak when i see people with expensive car or big house. Maybe some of you think i am a pesimis, but no, i am just being rational. I think all of us have to have that in mind always, when making any big commitments. Ni untuk orang yang medium income macam i la, kalau kaya sangat dan mampu tu, sukatila nak 5 keta dan 3 rumah banglo pun, because rich people live in different world than me anyway.

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