Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another 32nd Birthday

I tak pernah pun update pasal husband punya birthday kan? Hehehe...asyik story pasal birthday sendiri je, over betol. This year i decided to share on what we did on my husband's birthday. 

Both my kids are wise enough to know what birthday is so i decided to get them involve. We do almost everything together like suggesting birthday presents, wrapping the presents, 'bake' the cake and all the usual stuff people do on birthdays to make it memorable for them. 

Started by suggesting the gifts. Actually ada penipuan di situ because husband already knew what i am going to give him, in fact he is the one who bought it (using my money of course) and handed it to me to be wrapped. My kids taktau yang bapak diorang dah tau, so when Adam asked his bapak what he wanted for his birthday, my husband will said "Nintendo 3ds". Knowing that i rejected the idea when my husband told me this last time, Adam replied to my husband "Hmm, mak takkan beli punya, mahal tau tak". So on the day i wrap the gifts Adam found out that it is actually what his bapak wanted. But i warned him not to tell and make it as a surprise. Well...Adam being kepo and memang tak pandai simpan rahsia, dengar je bunyi pintu buka when bapak dia balik keja, terus lari sua muka kat celah pintu, whispered to my husband "Mak beli hadiah Nintendo 3ds kat bapak". Haihhh....hopelesss!!!! Nasibla bapak dia memang dah tahu, dia gelak jela tengok anak dia yang kepo tu. Me, knowing my son better, did not tell him about what another gift was. 

 I lupa beli wrapping paper, balut pakai Astro magazine je. Look at the message Adam wrote. "Adam dan Dania bagi bapak"..literally! Hehehehe..

Next thing is baking. Well not actually baking la. I do not have an oven. So i opt fo a non-bake oreo cheesecake. A recipe i found on youtube. Senang je, orang yang macam i, more than 10yrs tak bake pun boleh buat. Walaupun tak jadi sangat. Tak jadi pasal my kids terlebih rajin pecahkan biskut marie lebih, resulted to the butter added not enaough to make them stick together. So berderai la base kat bawah oreo cheesecake tu. Nevertheless, still sedap...cuma tak cantik. Tak cantik pasal i bijak sangat guna pinggan lebar, so cheesecake filling to nipis je, patutnya tebal. Hahahaa... I include the youtube video of the oreo cheesecake below.


 Semangat diorang ni amik peluang sibuk-sibuk di dapur. A good experience for them.

Rupa end product. Okla kannn, hasil 3 tangan. Macam nak sama je dengan kat dalam youtube tu kann??

Haa...luaran memang la nak sama. Dah potong amek ko, berterabuq crushed cookies kat bawah tu. Very not presentable. Tapi yang penting sedap. Hehehe.

Most important thing was...the birthday-man was happy and glad we did it all wholeheartedly.

Happy 32nd birthday sayang!
Even though you are younger (by months) than me, i still much more cuter than you! :-P

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