Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cinema Cinema Cinema

Do you remember the TV show Cinema! Cinema! Cinema! ?? If you are about my age, an 80's child and love to watch movies, probably you are familiar with the show. I love that show, it review latest Hollywood films and there were list of top 10 chart of best film. I suka sangat tengok movie. My bapak selalu bawak pegi cinema tengok latest film and we also always rent lots of videos. Now dah pupus dah kedai sewa video ni, since pirated vcd/dvd is easily accessible and cheaper.

 Anyway, i always enjoy a good movie and they lifted up my mood and some movie even educate me, makes me think and widen my thoughts. Besides reading, tengok movie pun boleh jadi educational tau..but depends on what movie you tengok la kan. By watching movie we can learn other cultures in other countries and how they perceive & handle certain issues, which are way different than us. In order to learn through movies, and avoid stereotypes (stereotype: a simple standard conception you conclude by just watching) you have to watch different genre and avoid la those slapstick comedy punya, because that is just pure entertainment. 

Sebenarnya i nak share good movies yang i tengok lately. Memang bagus and recommended kalau you want to enjoy really good movie. Here are my favourite latest movie. Ada yang dah show kat local cinema, ada yang belum dan  ada yang kena banned from cinema Malaysia. I tengok these movies on the net ja, streaming or download. 

Apart from the flamboyant 70's fashion, ridiculous wigs and comb-over, this movie is funny and entertaining. Cerita pasal conman. 2 partner in crime(chrisian bale & amy adams) yang keja diorang tipu duit orang, tried to con their way out of from FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) who arrested them. Cara diorang nak selamatkan diri ni memang entertaining. Anddd...Jennifer Lawrence was excellence playing her part as an annoying and over-bearing wife of Christian Bale. I rasa, movie ni best pasal semua actors best. Worth your time!

Movie ni memang lawak. Bukan comedy sangat tapi lawak due to the douchebag characters  and tamak duit. Based on true story of Jordan Belfort yang menjadi kaya raya hasil jual saham/tipu duit orang. Semua ni pasal terlebih bijak dan suka sangat duit. Life dia memang revolves around money and girls. Memang bestla, because there were a lot of funny scenes that shows how stupid the riches can be. Cara penyampaian cerita memang bagus, respect to the director. I really hope Leonardo wins an Oscar this time, kesian kat dia. Pandai berlakon tapi takdak award.Tengokla, from this movie you'll learn that you can sell almost anything if you have the skill. 

 Pain & Gain. This is comedy. Based on true story as well. Cerita pasal 3 orang fitness instructor yang agak bodoh dan noob, nak culik orang kaya just because they were fed up of being poor and dream of luxurious lifestyle. Dah nama pun comedy, macam tengok 3 stooges nak buat crime. They were amateurs, they thought kidnapping and cover up crime were as easy as in movie. Tapi hakikatnya memang fail. It amazed me that they managed to go far before being caught and almost escape it . To know why and how, you all kena tengok movie ni. Memang tak kering gusi gelak. 

Oh my..this movie memang buat i senyum je, sweet sangat cerita dia. I hardly watch love movie because tak banyak pun love movies shown, dan kalau ada pun, most of them are cliche. Cerita macam tak logik sket, it is about time travel. The hero can travel times, but only within his life stream. His aim in life is to find true love and when he met with the girl of his dream, he makes sure he gets her. This means that he travels trhough and back just to perfect his relationship. Why i rasa cerita ni sweet? The hero character is really sweet. Very very loving and sincere. You can't help it but wish you partner would be the same. Tengokla movie ni kalau nak rasa best like what i felt. If you don't believe me, go and watch the trailer at youtube and read the comments. 

Movie pasal orang kaya jugak. Tapi orang kaya nyanyuk. Cate Blanchet (marvelous actress), plays a widow who suddenly became broke. Dulu golongan bangsawan, billionaire pasal kawin dengan orang kaya. In the end husband kena tangkap pasal tipu duit orang and committed suicide in the jail. She was left alone, with no money and have no choice but to live with his stepsister whom she been avoiding all these while. Rupanya dengan pressure hidup and sudden change in life, has made her senile. Very interesting story. It makes you think what actually happiness in life is.

Prisoners is a movie to set you in thinking mode. What would you do if given the same situation. Desperate and want answers. In Prisoners, a father take matters in his own hands when her daughter been kidnapped. Ah, memang put you in the edge of the seat because you pun desperate nak tau sapa kidapper tu. Highly recommended! 

Ok enough lah with 6 movie reviews. I hope you watch them, and enjoy it as much as i did. Ada lagi movie yang best but i belum tengok. I am yet to watch Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years Of Slaves, Philomena. Next time i recommends some tv shows/drama that i been followed. If you have the same taste as mine, stay tune!

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