Thursday, May 8, 2014

Younger look??

This blog has become irrelevant right?
I seldom updates, and ofcourse no one will come and read it as well. 
Malas la nak update, eventhough lots of thing i want to share.
But i also do not want this blog to be dead.
So with perasaan terpaksa & malas, i update one sharing.
Been contemplating to share this for sooo long but as usual, laziness wins! 

I am in my early 30s, a mother with 2 rascals to raise. 
You know mothers, multitasking is our super power right?
 Everything kita kena fikir, everything kita kena buat & settle.
Sometime when i had enough i wish i can swwoosshh, fly to the sky away from all and rest on the fluffy clouds (like cartoon always does). 

That is the multitasking part.
Now how about the the self maintenance part?
With this Rozita Che Wan being hot at 40s, Korean star being so flawless prancing on TV and here there advertisement about how slim, fair and perfect your body and face can be improved.
Letih kan? For women to have such pressure and expectation to meet.
Even worse, the society that demands for it. 
No wonder plastic surgery become so norm these days.

So what normal women like me gotta do?
Sure la stress jugak kekadang babe!
Belek muka, awatla makin kertu ni, what Rozita Che Wan does that i don't?
Maybe i gemok la kan...but i am talking about my face.
Back in my 20s tak pakai bedak ikat tocang satu pun nampak cute.
Now make up pun nampak hmmmmpphh...

I am like..if i can't slim down my body i can atleast take better care of my skin.
With that determination i spend some money on good skin care products.
Apart of usual skin regimes, i started to slab night cream and eye cream religiously.
Exfoliates and put on mask twice a week.

The products i use are mix of some brands like Safi, Body Shop, Antipodes and some korean brand.
Still kedekut to spend on high-end brand like SKII.
My skin show some improvements, but takdela significant macam iklan tu kann.
Among all the product i use, the one that show the best result and i really would like to recommends is e'Pure Membranous Jelly Masque.
I bought it online through Hi-Shop . Priced at RM89.90
Mahal la bagi bajet i, tapi pasal nak cantik macam kpop artist kannn..beli la gak.
I am on my second box now but both time bought during sales, which i paid only RM50++
Translucent & thick jelly gel that you slab on you face for 30-45mins.
The effect on my skin memang bagus.
Instantly after application your skin will become fairer.
After several applications, your acne scars become lighter.
Best of all, my pores become smaller.
All these resulted to younger looking skin la kann. Ke i yang perasan sorang2? LOL
Kalau rasa nak tumbuh jerawat tu cepat2 tempek mask ni, confirm tak jadi naik. Kalau timbul gak pun kecik je.
All these time, no matter how convincing the product reviews are, i never had any significant impact on my skin. So this is the first time i get such impact.
I love the result the mask has given me.
My husband pun sedar. Tapi takdela dialog geli-geli macam iklan ye.
Okla tu kann...husband sedar. Walaupun takde lagila kawan2 or sedara mara cakap pape.
I guess takdela ketara sampai orang tanya kan, cukupla sendiri rasa berbaloi.
Unfortunately i don't have the before & after picture of me.
I malu la nak amik bare face selfie close up. LOL.
I only have the pic below, of my no-make up face.
But you can just google it and read all the good reviews.
No, i don't get paid to promote this..siapa bodo nak bayar i ni pun.
Just nak share, kot-kot siapa2 nak try tapi tak cukup duit tabung nak beli SKII.
Kalau siapa dah try to, please share your opinion with me. 

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  1. aku bacala blog ko...jgn tutup k..hihi...
    im a sucker for mask...sll beli yang keping2 tuh...skali pakai jer...mahal lak tuh...mcm ko gak ssh nk tgk ada efek ke x...nnti nk try gakla mask ko nih...