Friday, October 20, 2017

Jadual Seorang Emak Anak 3

Actually dah lama nak update rutin harian di blog ni, just for my own memories when one day i will miss all these hectic life routines i used to have in my life. That when my kids are all grown up with their own life.

Being a housewife or work from home mother, my days are also in routines during school days. I am lucky because my 2 eldest already attend school and also quite independent themselves so i don't need to attend or monitor them all the time. I can focus more on my little ones, Aidan. But being at home 99% of time with only kids can get lonely sometime. Personal time memang hardly la nak dapat. Sometime dapat mandi lama sikit, take my own sweet time nak pakai baju dan bersiap sambil dengar music pun dah kira macam therapy for me. I bring my kids the office, to run errands, to rarely see me without my kids. I am devoted to them all my life, at least till they're old enough.

Back to the topic, here are my jadual. On school days. Kalau cuti sekolah, jadual longgar sket pasal takyah rush nak masak lunch and siapkan diorang ke sekolah.

6.30 - 7.30a.m - Wake up, pray, kejutkan Adam ke sekolah, prepare his breakfast, sapu lantai, lap habuk and mop the house (i mop once or twice a week)

7.30am - 9am - Most of the time kalau dah settle semua i will take a nap. Ni kalau si kecik tu belum bangun, kalau dia bangun awal memang teman dia main & tengok tv jela.

9am - 10.30am - Do some works / trading and attend to clients. Usually when market open memang ngadap laptop kejap nak update price and tengok report. Prepare breakfast again for me & my 2 kids. Do laundry.

10.30 - 11.30am - Mandikan Aidan, masak lunch, mandi + guling2 atas katil jap checking my socmed updates.

11.30 - 12.30pm - Suap anak-anak makan. Siapkan my daughter to school, sidai baju.

12.30 - 2pm - Waiting for my son balik sekolah, clean the kitchen, lunch,pray, tidokan Aidan.

2pm - 5pm - This is usually my rest time where i can do anything i want. Usually i will catch up on my tv series, mengait or just browsing the net. In between i will also tutor my son. He starts his study at 3pm. Sometime kena singgah office, so angkutla semua anak2 gi office.

5 - 6.30pm - Usually Aidan dah bangun so layan la dia kejap, kutip & lipat baju, pray, ajar Adam baca Quran (i teach my kids from iqra' till quran  myself since they were 5y.o).Wait for my daughter balik sekolah.

6.30 - 8pm - Mandikan Aidan, sometime Aidan will sleep again for 2nd nap, mandi, pray, tengok tv atas katil.

8 - 10pm - Cook dinner, kalau tak masak just makan dinner tapau ( i usually cook dinner 2-3 nights per week only, pasal taktau nak pikir masak apa kekadang), monitor my kids studies / homework, ajar Dania iqra'.

10 - 11pm - TV time for me & kids, lepas tu hambat semua pi tidoq.

11pm - 12.30am - My own tv time, sleeps.

Pretty mundane kan jadual tu. Well, itula tiap hari kena ngadap. Kalau keja ofis pun ada rutin, dok rumah pun ada rutin. The only different is that i am my own boss, i control my own time and i don't need to meet or handle people i don't like. Tired?? Yes, Lonely?? Yes. But if you ask me do i want to start working again, pakai cantik2 pegi office, join the rat race and have a social life & ample of personal time, i would still decline. I still love being a mother, all my kids in front of my eyes..dramas and all. Kalau i keja pun, my work tak berkurang. I am a hands-on mother where i choose to do everything myself. So dulu bila kerja rasa padat sangat jadual nak settle semua.

Some women love working, they become a better mother when they do. Some women who are possessive & hands-on like me find satisfactions taking care house works & kids by my own. Tak kisah apa pun , tak semua hidup sama. Pandai-pandaila cari ketenangan masing-masing. My adivse is for those yang dok pikir or rasa nak jadi surirumah je senang, pikir la sekali lagi ye. It is not easy and not everyone cup of tea ya. First you have to be domestic, enjoy doing houseworks. Second, you have your financial sorted up. Third, is your husband's support. 3 benda ni you kena pikir dulu ya, sebelum you fall into depressions and thinking no one understands you.

 After all, we women are very strong and independent by nature. Every women is a superwoman in their own way. If you would give man all the burden & tasks of a women, i guarantee mental institutions would be full of men . Kannnn??? hahahahaha :P

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