Friday, June 29, 2018

To a healthier & active life

My bapak is an avid jogger and he just loves to walk. He started active jogging in his 30's and frequently joined marathon. I still remember our annual visit to Penang during Penang Bridge Marathon. Till now at 65, he still actively jogs up to 10km. Walk 3km pegi balik?? No problem for him, he enjoys it..even under the hot sun. We use to complain when he always like to park his car so far away, tak larat aih nak jalan! His children all 3 girls memang tak ikut pun perangai dia tu. Even arwah Danial (our little brother), although being active in sports, he was not a runner. 

Bapak said, the reason he took up jogging as hobby is because he wants a hobby that benefits him till old and doesn't cost money. Well..his other hobby is reading, which is also good but it does cost him money to buy books. When i heard his reasons i was quite ashamed myself. Yela..hidup dah lama still takde hobby yang boleh beneficial untuk diri sendiri sampai tua. Maybe i was too busy with kids & house chores. But i know the truth that it is just a reason not to do anything. Even nowadays i hardly reads. Beli je buku banyak-banyak (i can't resist a good book), baca nye tak.

I memang kagum dengan determinations of people who active in sports. Since i am not good in any sports, i can't take any as hobby. So i secretly wish i can jogs like my bapak. To have not be out of breath so fast when i run. Nak, teringin, memang senang kan...nak mula dan buatnya masyaAllah susah betul. Banyak alasan. Alasan pertama, when i was younger i malu lari in public pasal dok rasa orang gemok berlari adalah kelakar (betul tak?). Now dah tua sikit i can't be bother of what people thinks as long tak kacau orang and i wear appropriately. Alasan kedua, takde geng dan support from anybody to pursue  it. Ala..ngade kan, nak buat benda elok nak support pulak, which is now i think is ridiculous. Alasan ketiga, which is still my strong alasan till now is other's perceptions. I kan gemok, being overweight all my life. Jadi bila if people know i started to jog and still badan macam tu gak i find it annoying that people will membawang and perlekehkan my effort when i actually i start jogging to be healthy, active and built up my stamina. Kurus tu bonus la kan, pasal makan kalau tak kurang susah la nak impi badan idaman. For the longest time i already accept my body as it is and be positive about it...takde dah nak berangan kurus. I accept it as long i am healthy. But others relentlessly remind me about it macam sakit sangat mata tengok i gemok kan. Hahahaha, but tak semua la, no hard feeling dah, like i said, i am body positive regardless what i weigh.

Ok panjang pulak bercerita. The reason for this post is that i decided to be active. Since i started my weekly zumba/aerobic lesson, my stamina becomes better. So i try to jog at nearby park. Suprisingly i can run 3 rounds, usually 1 round dah tercungap mintak nyawa. That makes me feels better. I enjoy it. Not sure whether it is the endorphins released during exercise, but i am happy everytime i finished my aerobic or run. I pray that this is not hangat-hangat taik ayam. I really need this in my life. Like my bapak said, must have a good hobby that benefited us sampai tua. Semoga semangat ku tidakla setengah jalan sahaja. At least sampai cukup stamina nak join half marathon. To a healthier and active life!! Doakan ye...amiiinnnn.