Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Running Got Into Me

Remember my last post i talked about me being high spirited about running/jogging. Well..i still am! I been constantly running 2-3 time per week and i loooovveeeee it so much! I got so much better now. From only 500m run non-stop before i collapse out of breath, to 4km run non-stop. Amazing right!! I am so proud of myself. Yes i know it is nothing for you all fit people. But me being heavy and zero exercise before this, run 4km non stop is a great achievement for me. My pace is still slow, 8-10pace/km. Which makes running 4km ended in 38-40mins. Now my goal is to improve my pace to 6-7 pace, or finishes my 5km in 40mins.

Running is easy girrlllsss! All you need are time and discipline. You can do it alone, inexpensive (only a good RM200++ running shoes) and you can set your own time and pace, no pressure whatsoever and the best thing is you become healthier!! Running is good cardio for your heart and improves your blood circulations. I run alone and it has become my personal time away from my responsibilities. With music in my ears and wind against my face, it is such a good feeling. When you have passed the semput nak mati phase, running become easier and you will definitely enjoy it. Kalau i tak jogging more than 3 days, hati dah tak keruan..i need my endorphins! Now i understands how my bapak feels when he eagerly wants to jogging tak kira tempat. all mesti bosan kan i dok cerita pasal jogging ni. Just to motivate you ladies to start jogging, i did lose some weight. I start losing weight when i started to control my eating as well. Because to run at faster pace, i got to be lighter. After few weeks of controlling my diet, i manage to lost 5kgs. Tak diet teruk pun. I take breakfast as usual, i take heavy lunch with lots of green and portion control on rice+lauk (green vegetable is a fat burner), make sure drinks lotssss of water and have a small dinner:  protein wraps/sandwich / nestum+kurma / makan lauk je / sayur is wajib. Like i said, nothing hardcore about my diet. Because i exercise 3 times a week to increase my metabolism, diet lightly je pun dah ok kann.At my weight, i can burn up to 300 calories when i run for 30mins. Best kannn...300 calories macam makan sepeket megi la..hahaha!

Enough running talk...but this is not the end of this topic. I might blabber about it again in next post! Maybe about my participation in marathon. My aim is to join 5km marathon by January next year. Now i really need to improve my pace first. Jom...who wants to join me run for healthier life???

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