Tuesday, October 22, 2019

My First 10km at KLSCM

After sooo long i abaikan this blog, here i am again for another of my running journey story. Because running is the only exciting thing happens to my life nowadays! In April, I signed up for 10km run at KLSCM (the biggest marathon event in Malaysia) and after balloting i managed to get an entry. Got overconfident and signed up for cruise run, cut off time is 90mins, means i have to run at least pace 9 to complete on time. Never ran 10km before, at that time the farthes i ran was 5km. I thought nevermind lah, the event in September, i still got about 5 months to train.

So i increase my running mileage to 6-7km. My pacing gradually decreased as i ran. Then comes fasting month. 1 month plus of not running. After raya i started running, omg my pace dah jadi above 10! Gila kann, orang muda jalan lagi laju kot! I got scared, and try to run 3 times per week with one long run of at least 90mins. In 90mins pun i boleh cover 8km je! Then how la to complete 10km under 90mins kan!

Dah nak dekat race day, haze season melanda. Lagi lah kurang berlari. That time i pikir lantak lah, lari jela mana mampu. 10% dok doa gak supaya KLSCM cancel due to haze. But haze slowly gone towards race is ON guysssssss...omg nervous!

On race day, 29th September 2019. My 10km flag off is at 7am. Bangun pukul 4am, had light breakfast and by 5am husband hantar ke nearest MRT (all mrt/lrt rides to the event is complimentary). Dalam MRT tu penuh dengan peserta je, all clad in blue KLSCM tee. It was a feel good feeling bila ramai-ramai berkumpul untuk pergi tempat sama, lari sama-sama.

During flag off time, hari dah terang. It was a beautiful route along KL city. Awal-awal lari tu i realized i was running faster than usual. Managed to keep below 9 pace along the 2km. After 2km dah start letih so mula slow sikit lari. As i said, the route was nice and lots of stuff to see, so tak rasa sangat lama berlari untill we turned into Perdana Botanical Garden (i think it was last 4km). Kat sana naik bukit dia jauh la pulak..dok tunggu bila la nak turun bukit balik ni!! Most of the journey kat situ memang jalan je.

I started to speed up again when i sighted Dataran Merdeka, i think it was last 2km. I ran even faster when i saw the finish line. Pasal dah terlalu letih sangat, time 200m towards finish line tu betis dah rasa cramp and rasa nak muntah. Terpaksalah slow down lari, takut nanti malu pulak jatuh kat depan finish line tu, dah la ramai orang tengok hahahaha!

My official finish time is 1hr 34mins. It was 4mins above my 90mins target time. Thank god i still get my finisher medal! Eventhough i did not finished below 90mins, it was still a good run. I never before run at this time above 5km.

I am going to accept this as an achievement for me. Good run and great experience. I do it all alone, train alone, run also alone. That day i went back home with pride. Sore legs, exhausted, busuk masam, headache, but i was happy. I did not run for a week after that. My sore calf lasted for 3 days. And this is only 10km! My target is to enter half marathon 21km when i am 40, which is another year. Year 2021, i will run 21km! Wish me luck!

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