Friday, March 9, 2012

31st Birthday

31 already? Haih.....i always wonder this, when people look at me at first glance, do they think i am 30-ish or 40-is or MAYBE late 20-ish. Well, i always think i look older than my age due to my size. To make things worse, my older sister (who is 3 years older than me) still look like she just finishes high school. So you can imagine how i always receive a surprise look whenever strangers found out she is my older sister. Used to cut me deep but now i just sniff it off with a crooked smile. I envy petite people!

On my birthday is when i would feel like a superstar on Facebook where my timeline will be bombarded with birthday wishes and the notifications keep coming like crazy. I spent half of my day reading & replying friends and family's wishes. I get to experience what superstar like Lisa Surihani felt for awhile. Hahaha! Well, in the world of facebook & twitter, almost everybody know today is your birthday due to the reminder. Kalau real life jangan harapla nak dapat lebih dari 5 wishes (family excluded).

Ok, remember i told that i already got my birthday presents in advance from my husband and sisters? I'm going to share it here. Nothing much, benda murah je but they are the things that i requested. All pics taken were filtered by Instagram.

Remember i said i want to join gym? Due to time constrain, i just asked my husband to buy this bike for my birthday. Been cycling for 30mins everyday, sweat like hell! 

I need body lotions and body scrubs. Body Shop was having 30% sale , so i spontaneously asked my sister to buy these for me as a birthday gift! The lotion smells sooo nice and it lasted all day!
Fell in love with the aztec prints on this kimono jacket from F21.  Since i love kimono jacket, i requested my sis to buy me this. Usually i just asked her to buy me books, but not this year as i still have some books that haven't read.

Ok that are all my presents. Only 3 people bother to buy me presents every year and these 3 person are all that matters and i precious them till death. My parents usually buy me stuff but not this year, i already warned them not to. Kesian kat diorang kena keluar duit beli hadiah kat anak yang dah tua ni and they don't even have much money to spend pun. They did send me birthday card but i forgot to snap pic.

Apart from those presents i also dapat great deals on my birthday. For instance i got 30% discount at Body Shop, Nuffnang send me 4 TGV movie tickets, i can make calls to my Xpax Celcom numbers for free for 1 week. Okla tu kan...atleast feels special la sikit kan..hahaha. Oh and one more thing, my husband bought me red velvet cupcakes from Delicious..tak sabar nak makan malam ni. And my son Adam said last night that he want to buy me a ring. You wait...i will demand it on your first salary! Hahaha..

Tomorrow going back to Sarawak. I always find my husband's hometown very peaceful. I always said to my husband, "Kalau i ni fugitive, kampung you la paling sesuai hiding spot" Really, really excluded from town. Macam kalau movie thriller geng critters or tremors nak serang selalu mesti pilih small town yang terperincil kan. So memang perfect location for that kind of scene. Hahaha..apa i merepek ni. Okla dear...i end my blog post here, on the day of my birthday. Before that i want to say my syukur for Allah for all these years, 31 years of my life been a blessed. Most of the bless come from the people Allah surrounded me with. Thank you Allah, and also thank you mak for pushing me out from you fit & healthy!

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