Friday, March 2, 2012

March's Baby

It is March already! I am particularly happy on the month of March just because i was born on this month. I don't know why, i got extra jolly & giddy on March. I even like to utter the word March because i think it is a beautiful word. Ok..memang i over..hahahahaha! 

Well, my birthday is on 9th March but i got my birthday presents from husband & my sisters already! Will show you guys later. Nothing much but they are stuff that i love & wanted to buy. As usual my husband will treat me at any restaurant of my choice. Since i tak pernah makan Sushi Zanmai and heard they are good, so i plan to dine there. My birthday falls on Friday and the next day we gonna fly to Sarawak to balik kampung for 1 week. So my special birthday treat have to postpone. Tak kisahla, every year pun bukan celebrate on the exact date. But i wish to have red velvet cake on my birthday. I am salivating on a red velvet cake from looks really yummy! Well, kalau dapat red velvet cupcake from Delicious pun jadi la. Mr.husband, if you read this..i hope you get the hint ya! Hahaha...Padahal baru makan cupcake Delicious last week.

Anyway, just for fun & record i wanna list down some of my birthday wishlist. Stuff that i dream to get them only if i have the cash. Some of them i will purchase in near future and some i can only dream. Like last year i managed to buy 2 of the items on my birthday wishlist (beli sendiri ok!), which were Ipad and polka dots duffle bag from ASOS. Ok here they are:

Deperately want to eat this red velvet cake from Wondermilk. They only sell whole cake.  Will order from them one day. Tak kisahla kalau hari-hari kena makan 1 slice to finish them! 

A new smartphone. Particularly (any from) Samsung Galaxy series. 
A compact DSLR camera. Any brands. My current camera  tunggu time nak break down.
Fit Flop slippers. Yea i know they are soooo expensive for a pair of 'makcik' slippers. But they are sooo comfy! I need this!
Polka dots & floral kimono jacket from Beautiful Disaster. Been eyeing this pretty kimono jacket for some time, hope they are not sold out yet. You wait ya, till i get some money to buy you off!

My first designer tote. This from Miu Miu. Wish they have it in bright colors like fuchsia or bright red because i love colors! Sayangnya duit nak beli expensive designer bag!
I would like to own a blazer but normal blazer are plain & boring. So i wanna own a printed blazer. Like these from Zara. But a good blazers are sooo expensive! :(

Melampau kan wishlist? Kalau menang money drop baru boleh beli semua ni. Well, nama pun WISH-list kan, so most of them just remain as wishes. Okla dear. Don't forget to wish me birthday on the 9th...getting old already! 

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