Friday, March 23, 2012

What we did at Sarawak kampung

Initial plan was going to post this as soon as i am back. But you know la, was caught up with stuff and very the malas to upload pictures. Still want to blog about since i want to keep it as a memory.

Back to my husband's hometown at Sarawak was all fun & play. Well, for my husband and son at least. You know, like kampung folks always do. Where you can run & play anywhere you desire due to ample space. At town you have to find a field or playground to do that and usually there are full of people. Kalau nak main depan umah harap porch kecik tu takyah la, tak thrill nak main keja-kejar pun. Depan tu dah jalan kereta lalu-lalang kan. Like me even worse, live in an apartment without a porch or even any space for my kids to run around.  That is why my son always compare his house with others. "Rumah Adam tak cantik, rumah Adam kecik". Sorry Adam ye..tunggu bapak hang jadi director company kita pindah rumah banglo ada laman besar padang bola.

To add more fun, all my nieces & nephews were there as well. Anak abang-abang & kakak my husband pun dah 12 orang. So you can imagine how kecoh it was and how syok my son was playing non-stop. My husband pun sama je. He and his brothers were doing all sort of things, macam ketua budak-budak tu je.

The backyard was huge. So Adam & cousins just run around doing god knows what. Dania was also sibuk kejap.

Playing badminton. I wanted to play as well but takde chance. No opportunity to pegang the racket pun. 

The weather was windy. An opportunity to fly kites. Self-made kites from plastik sampah. Yang excited main tu adalah golongon belia. The kids just happy to see the kites dancing in the sky. 
Some other activities were not caught on camera.
They also did some fishing. Caught some ikan puyu. Ugly fish! 
And also went to nearby beach to kick ball, play sand & run around like crazy.

Whenever it rains or late night or they are out of idea to play what or tired, they play games. Nintendo, PS or computer games. Sampai gaduh kekadang dok rebut main. 

Well that were what the kids & men in the house did. Wonder what i did?

Most of the time i was eating. Lots of seafood. Had ikan terubuk and shrimps everyday for lunch & dinner. Also my favourite 'suman'. Only sold at my husband's kampung. It is so chewy & delicious which made from tepung sagu with seafood filling, wrap by not sure what and bakar. Sedap sungguh, especially while it is hot! Yummeehh!

Andddd, while not eating and time in between eating all i did was these:

Sleeping. Had my afternoon nap everyday. Which i rarely do when at home even on weekend.

Reading. Able to finish these 2. If not it will took me few months to finish 1 book because i simply can't find enough decent time to read peacefully. 

Play games on Ipad. When Dania was not hogging it to watch Upin Ipin

Very productive kan?? I was so relax there, the only thing missing was a massage session at spa! I also manage to watch some crap tv shows. You know when on weekdays, tv is full of those crap soap operas, dramas and nonsense movie. I even watch KL Gangster 2 from beginning to end tau! Selalunya memang akan elak la movie macam tu. But that time my brother in law layan cite tu, i got nothing else to do. Layannn jelaaaaa. 1 1/2 hour just wasted on that! Was so proud of myself. LOL!

 Time flew away just like that, till it was time to be back home. Where reality hits me with work, stock market, fussy clients, impossible brokerage targets, house chores and screaming kids. must go on!

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