Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Adam's 5th Birthday

Yesterday was my son's birthday. Time fly so fast, he already 5! Grown up to be a very active boy, talkative, sibuk, and also manja. Kalau Adam ada dekat rumah memang kecoh je memanjang. Lompat sana sini. His favourite things to do most of the time is playing fights. Ala, lawan dengan diri sendiri dengan sound effect dari mulut 'dush..dush' (bersembur habis air liur). Dia yang tumbuk dia yang jatuh. Macam orang gila pun ada dok tengok. Even worse kalau atas katil or sofa, lompat macam kuda kena sawan babi..hahahaahha..ok over pulak describe.

His birthday falls on 2nd April which is Monday. So the weekend before that we decided to bring him to Aquaria KLCC. He was excited strolling along the aquariums. He was scared at all the big fishes and also the piranha's aquarium because he saw a human skeleton in there (he actually thought someone really died being eaten by the piranhas). Overall, Aquaria was quite good, was amazed by the beautiful fishes. The only set back was it was a short trip. You have to slowly browse the place, or you will finish the tour in less than 30 mins. Below are some pics i managed to snap.

After Aquaria, we jalan-jalan around KLCC. I wanted to buy Adam a new slippers. Just because he treasure his slippers and the current one he had already worn out. Couldn't remember the name of the shop but they sells cute children shoes (a bit pricey but still acceptable). Since Adam love superheroes, he chose this Hulk slippers. Cantik jugak la.

After that we went to Toys R us. My husband wanted Adam to choose any toys he fancy. Being a Toys R Us club member, able to redeem RM30 voucher on birthday. But have to spend above RM150. Adam takde benda yang dia nak beli but Dania was fond at this sort of bicycle (not really a bicycle). The one at home already pecah and dangerous to ride, so my husband decided to use the voucher to buy new 'bicycle' for Dania. In case you want to know, below are the 'bicycle' pic.

Then on Monday, the birthday day itself i just buy a cake for Adam to bring to school. Just to make the day memorable to him. Rasa la syok sket ada kawan-kawan nyanyi Happy Birthday, blow candles bagai. Sorryla Adam, no budget to do birthday party for you this year. All budget has gone to our Singapore trip later. Here are some pictures that his teacher snapped for us.

Later, for dinner my husband bought satay as requested by Adam (one of his favourite food). And also gave him his birthday present. Something for him to use to learn math. Tapi adik dia Dania yang excited nak main (nampak tak tangan sibuk dok pegang benda tu?) 

Quite a memorable birthday. I like any birthday to be memorable. Not necessary to celebrate with lavish party or present but an activity done together as a thought and full of memories that can make you smile for many years to come. Knowing you are matters in someone life, and they make an effort to show you that are what make a year older not so bad after all! 

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