Thursday, April 26, 2012

Singapore Trip 2012

As been told, i will blog about my Singapore trip. Well, takde apa sangat nak story about the Singapore itself. Singapore macam Malaysia  la jugak keadaan die. Like KL. Full of high-rise building, some with excellent architecture. Can't really say much about Singapore as we only been around Orchard Road (our hotel was there) and Universal Studio. Plan to go Singapore Zoo cancelled, Bugis Street cancelled, to eat Singapore's cuisine tulang merah and murtabak spore also cancelled. All because we were too tired. As a Malaysian in Singapore, converting RM, we felt like we are damn poor over there because everything were so expensive, we always have to do a mental calculation (times 2.5) whenever we looked at price tags. Ok i'll share our experience there. Warning: will be a lengthy post, if malas nak baca just scroll down for pictures.

Arrived at Changi airport at 10a.m. The airport was huge with lots of shop (mostly branded ones). Straight away took a cab to our hotel. Managed to checked-in early so we just dump our bag and went strolling along Orchard Road. Orchard Road was actually a place full of shops & shopping malls. Macam ala Bukit Bintang area la but even more shops, 70% of the shops are the high-end ones and we all tak bother pun nak masuk (almaklumla dalam poket cuma ada SGD1000 je). Memang we all jalan till the end of the road lah. We browse around the mall to find any eateries with Halal food but to our disappointment none are certified Halal except for fast food (ie Mcd & KFC). Even kedai roti pun tak halal because they mix those with pork filling with other buns. Nasib my kids tak meroyan kat kedai tu when we put back the buns from our tray. Lots of interesting cafe but like i said, not confident to dine there due to the mix of halal & non-halal (pork) foods. Luckily just nearby our hotel ada mamak restaurant which sells quite delicious nasi beriani & roti canai. So you can guess now where we ate.

Initial plan was to go Singapore Zoo on the day we arrived but cancelled pasal takut nanti kalut, sampai lewat kat zoo macam rugi pulak (the zoo closes at 6pm). Also plan nak singgah Bugis Street, but cancelled because we walked so much at Orchard Road on that day, kaki pun dah sakit, the kids were cranky, perut pun dah lapar & totally exhausted due to early morning flight.

Night time we went out again for a walk around Orchard Road, which were totally different environment from daytime. Daytime was full of people clad in office attire being busy & serious, while nighttime was more relax, lots of people relaxing walking along the street. Buildings & malls were all light up with beautifully. There were street performance, which were quite interesting to watch. Also the cafe & bar were full house and some eateries open 24hrs or closing late on weekend night. So definitely a happening nightlife at Spore town.We ate McDonald for dinner because we wanted to try the Spore menu and it was wayyy more expensive than Malaysia's.

Next day we went to Universal Studio! Which was the most interesting part of our trip. I won't tell it now, will make another post about it soon!

Then come the day we have to say bye-bye to Singapore. Woke up early morning so that we can have breakfast at McDonald. Why McDonald again? Because i want to drink their coffee from their McCafe. McCafe is an additional coffee-house in McDonald. I don't know why they don't have this in Malaysia. Hatyai pun ada McCafe tau! I ordered Caramel latte and it was damn good, as good as those Starbucks & Coffee Beans, and cheaper as well. Even on McDonald's breakfast menu you can choose to either have coffee or cappuccino. I hope Malaysia catch up on this fast, i want more selection on coffee! After breakfast we went to H&M because i want to spend my SGD and also because there was no H&M in Malaysia and also because they have wonderful collection of children's clothes at reasonable price. I spent most of my money there just buying my kids' clothes. No clothes for me because i was not in the mood to buy any clothes for myself.

At last minute, upon realizing that there was no way we gonna fit everything we bought in 1 bag (most of stuff we bought at Universal Studio were big) . Since i only bought 15kg checked-in luggage, we would have to pay additional at the airport. So cepat-cepat i whatsapp my friend to buy additional 15kg bag online. Then we bought additional luggage, a wheel luggage (because we don't have one yet). We checked-out at 12pm and took cab to airport. Flight time was 4pm and we have sooo much time at the airport. Luckily there were lots of shop to browse. Changed our leftover SGD to RM. We only brought back balance of RM650. After that what's left for us was SGD17, and i spent it on a chocolate that cost me SGD14.90. So we were at the airport till fly time. Landed LCCT at almost 6pm. Just glad we were in Malaysia again! The land where halal food are everywhere, wet toilets with water in the loo and most importantly, stuff were cheaper!

Now pictures time...

Arrived at Changi Airport. Feeling touristy. Or orang kampung? hahaha
Strolling along Orchard Road
Cold Stone is an ice cream shop. Looks really interesting. Night time lots people queuing but didn't had the chance to try pasal overslept lepas balik Universal Studio.
Yummy desserts. Did not dare to try due to the keraguan Halal and also very expensive. SGD10 for mini is about RM25 tau tak! H&M!
Night time at Orchard Road. Above pic is one of the street performer. He just stood still most the time and dance slow motion with the background music.
Dinner at McD. This burger is yummy! Very soft buns and lots of vegetables. Similar to GCB here.
This McCafe i told you about. Delicious Caramel latte!
Just want to share Pizza Hut menu available there. Interesting kan? Look at the lobster, tak tahaann! Bila Malaysia gonna have this as well?
My H&M haul. Kids clothes. Most of them are Dania's.
At the airport again. My daughter was an exhausted traveler indeed!

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