Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy & Instagram

Was suppose to do a long post of our recent Universal Studio Singapore experience. Since it will be a long post i have to keep postponing it because i am occupied with workloads. Nak bukak blog i sendiri pun tak sempat. And i also have another blog to maintain, which i have to updates everyday because that blog is my passive income. Mesti you all taktau that i have another blog kan? Well, that blog is a fashion review blog, where i rent out advert space in return of shop reviews. I have way more viewers there. But i won't tell you all here, pandai la korang cari sendiri ya!

Oklah..since i hutang USS post (aiseh bajet macam ada orang kisah je, i share some of my instagram photos. Instagram is very addictive and i upload pics almost everyday! Those who sudi, add me on instagram, my id is ladydayana.

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