Thursday, May 17, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore Pt.3

Malas nak buat Pt.3, but since dah ada Pt.1 and 2 kenala sambung. Not really for anyone particular to read but just for my own record and reference in future time. To remind the good times me & family had at USS. And especially for Dania (if she ever read this) because being as young as 2 years old, she sure can't remember been to USS.

Will continue with Hollywood & New York theme. Which our last destination after riding all the wonderful rides.   Before that we had snacks at Sci-fi city. My husband bought nuggets & chicken wings only to discover later that the place also sells pork (sausage). So kira turn off la kan, indirectly macam kurang yakin nak makan. Why la Singapore makan place are like that..benci tau.

Ok, back to Hollywood & New York. No rides there. Only buildings and rows of shops similar to what you see in movie. Ala yang ada New York setting. Great place to snap pictures. So we snap here snap there lah. Met with the glam Marilyn Monroe. Her skin was porcelain-like and so pale white. Walk through the street till the end. Ate at their fast food restaurant, Hollywood Drive (not sure of the name betul ke tak), which is safely Halal. Used up our meal voucher. Sedap jugak burger die. Makan sampai kenyang, sambung jalan. Went in to every shop. Spent loads on their souvenir. Lots of cute & interesting items especially those yang ada characters Magadascar & Shrek. Yes, i am childish like that!

We went out from USS at almost 6pm. Feet were tired, the kids were starting to get cranky. Tahan taxi terus balik hotel. My kids terus pensan dalam taxi. We stayed in hotel after that till the next morning, too exhausted to do anything. Nevertheless we enjoyed our time at USS and was happy with the experience we had there. Kalau ada duit lebih memang akan pegi lagi. End my post with pictures. Thank you for reading :)

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