Thursday, May 10, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore Pt.1 last i can ramble about my exciting USS trip! Best sangat pegi sana. I love amusement macam heaven la when i was there. Right after breakfast, we took taxi to USS. It costed us about SGD15 kot. That morning the weather were not really good, hujan rintik-rintik. We arrived there around 9.30am kot, USS gate opens at 10am. Looking at the que in front of the gate i dah panik pasal ramai sangat. I remember friends told me that the que for each ride were long and time consuming, some took almost 2 hrs for a ride. In my head that time, memang pikir confirm tak dapat naik all the rides. Yela, we have 2 kids to take care of, and we would have to take turn riding all those adult rides so that one of us can jaga our kids. And if were lucky our kids behave, if not, sure be cranky while queuing kan? Time tu memang down la, to make things worse, hujan pulak.

So the gate the entrance pun i dah macam orang kampung, amazed by the settings. But boleh control lagi, i went straight to claim my SGD18 meal vouchers. Fyi, when booked online using Mastercards, you entitle for SGD6 meal voucher for every tickets purchased. Annnddd...for online purchase also, for first 200 tickets we will get an express entrance for the famous Transformers ride! Will tell you more about the ride later.

We were welcomed by mascots from Kung Fu Panda and Woody Woodpeckers. Left and right were all sort of merchandise store that sell cute stuff..macam nak beli je semua patung kat situ. USS is divided into 6 themes, Madagascar, Shrek, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-fi city, New York & Hollywood. You can refer the map here for clearer picture. Each theme is very unique and interesting. Hence, i will paragraph my experience by theme. Will make a 2 part post because it would be too long to fit it all here and i also takde banyak masa nak cerita semua in one shot.

We started with Madagascar and we glad we did because most people started off with Hollywood & Sci-fi city, because mostly adult rides were there sure there will be long que or our kids will get bored easily. So the first ride we rode was Madagascar boat ride. Not just any ride, but a boat ride through a tunnel where all the Madagascar characters came to life. The characters reenact all the important scenes in the cartoon. Memang mata terbeliak toleh kiri-kanan tengok katun-katun tu muncul.

Right after the ride hujan makin serius. Was not a heavy rain, but enough to wet you if you in an open air too long. So bazir la duit beli baju hujan yang macam plastik tu. I think it cost us SGD4 kot satu, beli 2 adult dapat free 2 kids punya. 

Actually after that we walked to Shrek a.k.a Far Far Away Land. But since i nak cerita by theme, i just continue with Madagascar, which we went back after finished tawaf all around USS. We let the kids rode their Madagascar carousel. Dania la paling excited nak ride benda tu. Muka Adam cuak sket pasal die memang penakut. After that we watch dance performance by the Madagascar mascots. Fun jugak la, tengok all the mascots dance along to the famous 'Let's Move It Move It' song. We even had the chance to take picture with the mascots but only 10mins given and the que was long. So kami pilih mascot yang kurang que which was the penguins!

Ok now it's time for Far Far Away Land, where Princess Fiona & Shrek resides. There are Princess Fiona's castle and also Shrek's house. Since it was drizzled with rain, we went to enter an indoor performance show by the notorious Donkey. Takde apa sangat...just watch the cartoon Donkey sing & make jokes but the host was even more funny and entertaining. He was really in character, have to praise him for being so jovial. Also rode a dragon roller coaster. Not that scary, takde la seram sangat rail die..what makes it interesting was that you rode the roller coaster in the dark. Takut pasal tak nampak apa, bukan takut pasal roller coaster tu. The most interesting ride there are Shrek 4D shows. Macam tengok movie 3D wearing specs and all. Since it is 4D, our seat were shaking or vibrates according to the stories. When the cartoon sneeze our face were squirted with water, when there were spider on the ground we felt something tickling our feet (memang geli!), in a horse riding scene there were wind blowing on our neck. Memang best la, new experience. Did not took much pictures there because camera were not allowed on any of the shows.

That were all. Our fun experience at Magadascar & Far Far Away Land. Memang best especially for kids. Next, are Sci Fi City, The Lost World & Hollywood. Wait for my Part 2 or maybe up to Part 3. If you all keen to read la. Hehehehe..

p/s: I actually composed this post yesterday but tergendala due to work. 

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