Friday, May 11, 2012

Universal Studio Singapore Pt.2

The Lost World! Also known as Jurassic Park. Here, we did not experience all the rides. We skipped roller coaster ride because the que was long. We also skipped The Lost World boat rides because Adam & Dania cannot join. Boat tu kena duduk ramai-ramai. If only one of us ride boat tu, sorang ke tinggal jaga anak, tak best pulak kan. And also you will sure get wet in the ride, so memang tak sanggup la. So we only rode the kiddy ride yang i pun tak pasti nama apa or how to describe, just look at the pic. We also watch the recommended Underworld (as in the movie Underworld) show. Ni memang best. The show is a short & brief story version of the movie. The stunt were excellent, the effect were realistic & the actors were great. Thumbs up! Don't miss this show if you guys visit USS.

Next is Ancient Egypt. Based on the movie The Mummy. Only one ride there which is the roller coaster and it was both scary & fun! It is an indoor roller coaster. Yang best pasal roller coaster ni because it takes you to a scene where the mummy were woken up & try to attack you. Siap ada api lagi kat atas kita, and you can feel the heat. We took turn riding it and good thing as a single rider, we got an express lane so takyah beratur tunggu turn lama. Mula-mula cuak jugak naik sorang-sorang, dahla the lane towards the ride to gelap & scary, macam nak patah balik je. Tapi memang tak regret la naik sorang pun, lepas naik cite kat husband dia pun terus decide nak cuba. Memang best!

Finally into my favourite city. Sci-fi city! Why my favourite? Because i love all the rides there. The first ride we all serbu was of course the famous & most recommended Transformers. Again we all tak payah beratur because we got express ticket and also because the que was not that long, only 15 mins waiting. Mungkin pasal dah petang and most people dah ride kot by that time. Adam went in twice, with me once and my husband once because kena ada orang jaga Dania. Wah memang best. We were in a car and in front of us is a screen showing transformers battles between Decepticons & Autobots in 3D. Kira robot ni tengah lawan and kita masuk campur la, kena kejar, kena tembak, bom, jatuh bangunan, terbang semua la. Memang real, i even try to cover myself when the glass smashed and shattered on the screen. Kalau kereta tu jatuh bangunan i can feel as if i was about to fall as was that real.

Then come the most scary roller coaster ride ever had. Got 2 type of roller coaster. Galactica and Cyclone. I think both have about the same rail. The different between those two is that Galactica you ride the usual roller coaster car but with Cyclone you have to sit and strap yourself on a swinging seat where your feet are free dangling on the air. Of course we chose to ride Cyclone! Haih, macam nak tercabut nyawa. The swirl, the up and down, the speed. So thrill lah! Most of the people including me was pening-pening lalat after the ride. Turun tangga dan jalan pun macam orang mabuk. But worth it! The truth is, initially both of us tak berani nak naik roller coaster tu. Then i takut menyesal nanti tak naik, dahla bukan senang nak datang USS and i am a fan of roller coaster rides. So i determined to ride in and was the first to ride alone. Lepas tu baru cerita kat husband and dia pun semangat nak ride jugak. It was the best ride we had in USS!

Ada jugak kiddy rides. Which is a sci-fi version of spinning cups. Both my kids enjoyed it and laughing all the way. Adult would enjoy as well. Then we took picture with the biggest transformer there, kena que okay! And also shop at their merchandise store. Lots of transformers memorabilia there, some are unique. Only if i got that much money!

I will end Part 2 of USS now. I will keep my experience at Hollywood & New York in Part 3. For those who miss the Part 1, please click here.

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