Friday, May 25, 2012

Choosing your lifetime partner

Came upon this quote by Mufti Ismail Menk on his twitter recently:

"The type of person you marry plays a big role in the type of children you have, so do your unborn children a favor by choosing wisely" 

I have to agree with him. In this materialistic and superficial world we sometime forget what really our destiny in life. Kita hidup untuk apa. Adakah hidup untuk menatap perempuan cantik sahaja, yang lain tolak tepi? Or hidup untuk enjoy dengan duit yang banyak, yang lain tolak tepi? Sadly, most of us like that kan? Ok i rephrase it. Maybe most (i said most ya, not all) immature and young ones think life is all that. 

When you choose the person you end up marrying, do you really think about your children's future? Yela memang semua berangan nak ada anak comel, pandai, sihat. But do you really consider what your children will be like (not look like) and how your partner will effect it? Comel pandai sihat tu memang bergantung pada pasangan kita. But i am talking about our children characters, bring up and  behavior

So most of us normal beings sure hidup untuk berbahagia bersama family dan kalau boleh sama-sama masuk syurga kan? By choosing superficial & materialistik aspect on your marriage can't help you on that. Dapat perempuan cantik sexy suka pulak pakai dedah & bermake up tebal untuk tatapan lelaki ajnabi. Dapat lelaki kaya kurang pulak tahap kesetiaan dan kita pula mudah hanyut dengan lautan duit. Memangla tak semua macam tu. I do know family that are beautiful, rich and the same time very pious, but it is very rare. And when they are family like that, both parents are the best partner that complete each other and can be the best example for their children. 

Having said all these, i am not saying i am the perfect partner. I am far from that. Banyak perangai buruk yang perlu dibuang dan diubah! There are some of my bad traits that i wish my children will not follow. Same with my partner. But i do admit that i wish i would have found this quote before i married. Not that i regret the partner i chosen, i very much love my husband and so far am glad of what my children has become now. But it is too earlier to say that right? Jauh lagi perjalanan, anak-anak bila besar baru boleh tengok true characters.  Just that if i would have given a choice to pick my perfect partner as a father of my children, i want him to be religious, kind and very highly educated. Well, siapa taknak semua tu kan? Kaya dan cun tak menjanjikan apa-apa kecuali hidup yang lebih sengsara kalau disalah guna. So i won't look into that traits anymore. Walaupun dulu memang impian nak cari yang hensem & cerah pasal nak anak comel dan cerah. Hahahahaha.....But i also believe it is still not too late for us to change ourselves  for the better so that our children have a good example from the person that close to them which is us, their parents. 

So single girls & boys out there. Forget those superficial stuff. Choose your partner wisely. And of coursela you pun kena elok perangainya jugak ye..tak fair la kan. Think about your future children, what you want them to be. Mesti the best kan? Choose someone that can complement you, positive your negative. Macam kalau you panas baran, cari partner yang penyabar. You can't choose your parents & siblings but you can choose your partner that will determines how your children will be. It is a precious chance given, so choose wisely ya! 

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