Monday, April 9, 2012

A Mother's Life

When you have children, and especially if you are a mother, your life will be changed completely. What you do, how you do it and your routine will change to adapt with your kids. Unless you have someone else to take care of your kids or even better, your kids do not live with you. I know someone who only visits her kids once every 3 months. Her kids live with her mother. I don't know how she does it. Being away with her child. Tak rindu ke? Well, i won't judge. Each of it's own way and reason.

Last time, my pre-married life, i live my life my own way. Tido bangun makan mandi pukul berapa pun takde siapa kisah. Then come married life, still free with extra hassle in life but a bit restricted because you owned by someone and live with a guy. Life will be added by doing house chores and cooking for 2 but still ample time to do anything and go anywhere we like. After my son was born, life as a mother began. My time no longer mine. 80% will go to my kids and evolve around them. I can say that i am an independent woman. If i can i will handle almost everything myself without kacau my husband. Kalau i kacau tu means i saja nak share the responsibility.

Ok the reason for this post is for me to share my daily routine. Routine will be more or less the same during weekdays. So i just share my weekdays routines. Most of the weekdays these are what i do:

7 a.m : Woke up, perform my subuh prayer, do some cleaning if necessary.

7.30a.m: Wake my son, bathe & prepare him for school

8a.m: Out from home, send my son to school, send my daughter to her nanny. Off to work.

6.30p.m: Reached home after picking up my kids from their nanny. Kids start to bugs me with all sort of     stories & demanding for food or cartoon.

7p.m: Cycling/ exercise

7.30p.m: Bathe & perform my maghrib prayers. Rest or chit chat with my husband about our day (if he comes back from work early)

8 - 9p.m: Cook dinner, eating & cleaning. If we buy dinner, just eating & cleaning. Of course i have to suap my kids first because i usually don't eat dinner. Prefer to suap them because i don't want them to make a huge mess. Then cleaning the house.

9p.m: Hang all the washed clothes, pick up the dry ones. Assist my son on his homework or ask him to do his workbooks as an extra learning.

9.30p.m: Perform my isya' prayers, recites Quran, teach my son Iqra'.

10.00p.m: My TV time while folding clothes. Watching TV while my kids playing in front of the TV. Requesting all sort of things, bugging me for their attention. 50% focus on TV, 50% scolding them for being noisy or quarreling.

11.30pm: Preparing for sleep time. My kids will jump and play in the room till the light is off.

12.30pm: Kids asleep. My 'alone' time to use my iPad to plug in music (earphone), check on twitter, FB or play games. Usually will doze off at 1a.m. looking at my daily life (or night life), i don't really have a personal time to myself right? Sometime when i am very tired or not in the mood, memang tension. Not complaining, perhaps i'd rather spend my time with my family while i am still healthy than doing something useless & unproductive, just that sometime it is tad tiring for me.

Husband will always have their personal time of their own and easily dump everything for wife to handle. Wife will be busy handling all these domestic chores like she been paid huge sum of salary. Like this interesting facts i came upon recently on twitter "Women perform 66% of the world's work, produce 50% of the food, but earn 10 percent of the income and own 1 percent of the property" It is true right? Women do not work for money. We are satisfied being paid with love & appreciation. Of course if bagi hadiah lagi suka..hehehehe..Unless you are the type of woman who marries rich guy, got monthly allowance for your beauty maintenance and also have maid to handle your kids and spend most of the time with spas, facial, shopping, travelling and socialize. But for most of us, we just have to settle with our cukup-cukup makan money and make a decent & happy living with our kids. And maybe we will find a happiness that money can't buy. InsyaAllah...

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