Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fat Mama! Pt.1

I read recent FB post from one of my dear friend, complaining about her weight gained after second child which is only 3 months old. Well, don't we all mommy have that sort of problem as well. I really understand her frustration because as a mother of two i been through the same ordeal as well. Sometime i wonder, i am doing something good here by getting pregnant, carrying my lil' baby inside me for 9 months but why do i get this massive weight gain and stretch mark in return? Why don't God just give me even more fabulous body & skin after giving birth as a token of appreciation? Well come to think of it, i guess if that the rewards sure berlambak pompuan berlumba-lumba nak pregnant even yang belum kawin kan?? LOL! 

Ok, the reason for my post is that i want to share my weight gain story before and after giving birth, from first to second child. I will break it into 2 parts. First part is this post, my first born experience. I gerenti ramai ibu-ibu suka this kind of post right? So if you like my post why don't you make one post about this and let me read as well..boleh?

Like i've been telling numerous time, i always been chubby and fatter than most of my friends and family. So when i was pregnant with my first child my main concern was how heavy i will be after this. Nevertheless i still eat like a monster during pregnancy. I am the kind of person whom lepas geram makan banyak-banyak time pregnant pasal alasan pregnant & eat for 2! I gained closed to 20kg and look like a 'pau'. The pic below is a proof of my food investment.

7 months pregnant. Ugly & fat kan? Look at the nose, mcm smurf! *LOL*

After safely delivered my son, Adam i instantly lost close to 10kgs! I was in shocked when i weighed in at the hospital before checking out. So still about another 10kgs to lose. At that time i was thinking, "Aah, senang je to lose during pantang coz i will be restrained to eat anything i like". Well, manatau during pantang period i was constantly hungry due to breastfeeding and i found the pantang food  delicious as well (maybe because it was cooked by my dearest mak). In the end, only shed off 5kgs and still 5kgs hanging. Pic below was how i look then:
Macam gambar 'sebelum' slimming program yg kt TV tu pulak kan? haha
Chunky arm, thunder thighs, round face! Sama bulat dgn si Adam!

The excess 5kgs still bothering me because i couldn't fit into most of my clothes especially my pants. I weighed around 70-75kgs that time! Tried dieting but hard at first because i was breastfeeding you see, selalu lapar dan kalau kurang makan kurang la susu. I carried the 5kgs till my son was about 10 months old, then i started with a strict diet of no rice & dinner after 7pm. The diet went on for almost a year. Not easy okay! I was constantly hungry and calculating my calories intake (i consume less than 1000 per day, normal person need 1500-2000). My hard work paid of as i did lose weight, lots of it and more than what i aimed.  Averagely i lost total 10kgs and i look younger ( i rasala..hehe). Lots of people around me compliment of my new body and some asking tips, i was ecstatic and enjoy everything about it! Enjoy my slim pictures below. Kali ni banyak sket gambar coz maklum la dah slim so banyak la gambar posing!

Raya pose. Been long time since i wear kebaya so had to give special pose!
See, no obvious 'love handles' or 'muffin top' that always bothering me!

This was my most skinniest. I think i weigh about 58kgs (total  lost 12kgs).
Honestly i don't like looking like this, nampak macam tak sihat je!
I even experimenting new hairstyles by cutting it short.

Haihh..looking at above pictures buat i lagi susah hati tengok badan sekarang. Bila la nak slim balik! Kenangkan seksa diet tu buat terbantut impian. Ok, to be continued on next post where i will tell you about my weight issues up to date after delivered my 2nd child. 

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