Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fat Mama! Pt.2

As promised from this post, here come part 2 of my body weight adventure. Ceh, cakap macam ada orang kisah sangat nak baca. Well, as you've known i successfully slim down my flabby body after my first born. Remarkable achievement and i was proud of myself. But i it was temporarily as i start to eat normally (makan banyak) and also because i was pregnant again.

During second pregnancy i was back to old weight. Mana taknya makan macam hantu raya! Again, i gained about 25kgs. After delivered my daughter i stucked around 88kgs. Unlike first born, this time i only lost 3kgs right after delivery. So i left with even more weight to shed off during confinement. Susah hati betul time tu! My belly still look pregnant and i couldn't even fit into my t-shirt. During 'pantang' period i memang control makan and weighing myself everyday. The first month i lost about 7kgs and i was happy with the progress. Another 1 month to go sure can lose atleast another 5kgs. Unfortunately it won't shed anymore, i was devastated! I was enticed by the newspaper ads about Jus Mate 5. Desperate at that time, i made decision to try it and my husband sponsored me (mahal tau!) because dia pun kesian tengok wife dia susah hati..hahaha! Habis 2 kotak, 2 minggu i only managed to lose another 5kgs. So if you do the math i weigh around 75kgs after that.

Now up to date, not so much different. I am still heavy, still far away from my old-slim-self. I am now around 70kgs. My goal is 65kg (even still fat but i look better with that weight). Masih pasang angan i will lose few kgs during puasa (amiinn!). Eventhough i am about the same weight before my slim down success, i feel that i look better now. Not sure la kalau i just syok sendiri but i do feel that i look better and fit into my clothes well now, compare to after delivered my first born. Maybe because of my confidence level or maybe because i don't give a damn about my body as much. My husband told me that, if i want to get pregnant again don't waste your effort to go on diet like last time. Betul jugak kan? Well, as long i am happy, healthy and my husband loves me..why let this body weight bothers me right? I am still fabulous by the way! Hahahahaha!

Below are some of my fat picture. Enjoy!

Big, fat, ugly & proud pregnant lady!
During confinement. Raya pic with my siblings. 

Still a fat mama. I think i was around 75kgs that time.

Recent pic of me. Told you i look better and awesome now right?
Hahahaha..perasan gila!

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