Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am not a great cook. Ok, i am not a cook..i seldom cook! That is why you won't find any cooking recipes or homecook pictures on my blog.Eventhough i love to eat i don't like to cook as much. I find cooking very tedious and too much hassle with all the preparations and tidy up all the mess after that is even worse. But......i do try to cook now and then simply because of my motherly/wifey instinct to provide homecook dish for my husband & children.  Usually i just cook up something simple and well-liked by all. I am not adventurous when come to coking, not the kind who cook up plenty of dishes or a complete course (appetizer,main dish, dessert). I respect those who capable of that..i envy you for your great effort!

I know most of you women especially married ones love to cook and try new dishes and recipes every now and then. I tried to be that woman as well but i gave up easily. Both my husband & son are fussy eater. They hardly accept or appreciate any creative dish. To make it even worse, my husband does not eat fish and avoid any seafood if possible. So i am left with chicken & eggs. My son still appreciates seafood so i do cook them for him occasionally. Family's favourite or i can safely claim, my best dishes are my nasi goreng, mi goreng, maggie goreng (not the instant ones ya!), spaghetti bolognese. See, only simple food, kacau gaul dah siap! hahaha..

Lately i have this cravings for Itallian food especially pasta. I only know how to cook bolognese. The cream ones i just use 'Prego in a can' and add some sliced hotdogs & mushrooms. After i ate Aglio Olio Spicy Seafood Spaghetti at Delicious cafe, i secretly wish i can cook like that. So recently i tried to cook it. Bought all the expensive herbs and also first time buying the expensive olive oil. Alas, my humble spicy seafood aglio olio menjadi but need a lil' bit improvement. The most important thing was that the whole family love it!

Lepas ni i want to dig more pasta recipes and try each one of them. Kalau tak, rugi olive oil and herbs yang masih banyak stock. Any good Itallian food recipes wanna share? Make sure it is simple and not too much hassle like most malay dishes! LOL!

From Delicious cafe. Very delicious!
From my kitchen. Picture not appetizing at all but it tastes good. Very spicy and very yummy!


  1. For Oglio Olia you mesti letak fresh parsley untuk bagi umphh and for bolegnesse oregano leaves is must item.

    Kak Haneem dah try 2-3times buat Oglio Olia ala Delicious ni tapi tak tahu pasai apa rasa mcm something missing and lagi satu a bit dry.

  2. Ya kak hanim, mmg kena buh parsley leaves..tpi dok jenuh cari tak jumpa pun. Tu yg kurang nak jadi tu. Segala rempah dok buh dlm tu dh..takdak la sebijik mcm Delicious tpi can do la utk lps gian.