Monday, January 9, 2012

Adam At Kindergarten

As been told, my oldest child, Adam started his school last Thursday at Little Tots. Everything went on well without any tears. Adam, as expected not a cry baby and so far enjoying his new life. First day i did waited till the assembly ended baru balik rumah. Second day i just left him at the gate. Surprisingly he was fine with it and did not even turn his head when waving goodbyes..menonong je masuk school. Kinda sad at first, seeing him easily bid goodbyes and went on with his new life (school)..but well..i should be proud right..he is a big boy now! Maybe ikut mak die kot, tough je kat skolah tak peduli parents ikut ke tak. I hope he will be like this as well when he enters primary school. Exactly like a boy should be. In fact he should show a good examples to his sister, afterall he is the oldest abang in the family.

As for the school, i do not know what to expect yet. All i know that it is an English Medium pre-school where most of the time the teacher converse in English which i think good for Adam to familiarize some English words instead of asking me the meaning whenever he watches cartoon. Another good thing is, every Friday there would be a full Pendidikan Islam education which teach student to recite doa, pray and some basic arabic. I also like that each classes only have about 10 kids which is good because the teacher can focus more on each student and have personal touch with them. Unlike me last time, one class have about 30 kids. But last time was different, kids our time were more obedient and scared of the teacher. Not like now..macam2 kerenah, teacher have to master some child psychology to handle them.

Well, here are some pictures of the school and Adam's first day experience.

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