Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gone 2011, Come 2012

Did not blog for some time. Don't have time to. Lots of stories to share but too lazy busy to do so. Seriously, when i have free time i rather relax than composing a blog post. 

Ok 2011 has gone..bye-bye. Overall, 2011 has been good to me. Nothing to shout about and nothing to be sad or regret about. The biggest positive thing about 2011 is that i finally wear hijab and decided to be a better muslim, insyaAllah. Me and husband are more concern about our daily solat. It is our priority now and we will try perform our solat properly before anything else..well..most of the time (ada gak yang tertinggal). Not that sebelum ni tak solat but now, i can say that we are more concern about it. 

I ended my 2011 with a family trip to Pahang. First stop to Cherating and then visited my sister in law's house in Kuantan. Had a good time there thanks to the host. Right after the trip, both my kids kena chicken pox. Luckily they're okay now..but guess who yang kena next? No, not me..i am the superwoman in the house. It's my husband. Poor him, habis bertompok badan dan muka. Having a fair skin make the spots even more visible and uglier. Better him than me right? Tak sanggup i kalau ada bekas campak all over my face! Nevermind sayang, i tak tinggal you walaupun parut tu tak hilang...cuma jalan jauh sket je bila kita keluar..hahahahaahha..ok that is a joke!

For 2012 i hope more great thing comes our way. I don't have any specific resolution. A fat lady always wish that she can shed some weights right? Year after year i am still fat :) ! So this year i won't do that same old resolution again. Instead i just want to be healthy & happy..but not overweight & in denial..hahaahaha!

This 2012 my son Adam will start going to pre-school. I enrolled him at Little Tots. Very near to my house and also his nanny's. Entahla macam mana ragam die nak gi school. Naughty ke...obedient ke..kuat berangan ke...haihhh...! I will blog about this soon. He starts tomorrow. 

What else to share. Ya, i just got my 1st tier bonus (next tier will be on March). The company gives every staff a 1 month bonus. Ada la sket duit buat bayar apa yang patut & beli apa yg tak patut. Not much, really. Sekali kuar gi mall je dah habis beratus. I splurge my money on bras! Shop at La Senza on their sales and also Wacoal. I seldom buy bras, i only have few that i would wear sampai hancur. So i decided to buy more quality one to replace some yang memang in sad condition. Also bought a new stainless steel frying pan which is on 60% discount. Still contemplating to buy either a beanie bag or a new closet to store my children's clothes. The rest of the money i tak tahu dah pegi mana...makan itu ini..kuar sana the end bank balance dah tinggal sikit..iskk..iskk..iskk! Well, on a positive note...ada orang hutang i Tony Romas...still waiting for him to recover from chicken pox!

Got others story to share but i guess too much been told already. Other story is for another post in future. Sorry no pictures this time. Okla i tempek some pic from our Cherating trip. Happy new year & i wish everyone of you have a good year ahead. Cheers!

Adam was scared of the water. We insisted him to be in the pool.  Dania in the other hand, was having fun !

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