Thursday, January 19, 2012

Half Chinese

Today is Friday. Monday is Chinese New Year. Tomorrow starts 4 days of CNY holiday. Every Malaysian knows that. So why i still telling you? Just because....i am excited to go back to my hometown tomorrow to celebrate Chinese New Year with my chinese family. For those in the dark, i am half chinese, my mother is chinese. I know you might think that i don't look chinese at all. Yes i don't, i also wonder why. But most people say i look more like my mother. My mother don't look like typical chinese, doesn't have sepet eyes and round nose. So keluar la me, yang muka more to malay than chinese. In fact, all my siblings don't look that chinese. The closest to chinese is my oldest sister, she has the sepet eyes and she speaks fluent chinese as well. I malas nak insert pic of us siblings because hard to find any decent one. Later on la ok?

Back to the Chinese New Year. We are close with our chinese family. I know some of mixed marriage don't really know their chinese side due to some constrains that only they know why. I don't see any problem with other religion & race. We respect each other and know our boundaries, and my chinese family understands that very clear. So no problem with us mingle around, being close with them and share any celebrations. 

So i am very excited to go back for CNY. Already changed my ang pow money. Yes, i give out ang pows and my children collect ang pows from them. Good investment or not? Hahaha..On CNY's eve, we are having big family feast where all family seat together having dinner. And the days will go on and on full with eating activities. No wonder my diet always fail!

Will tell you my story when i am back, complete with pictures. For the chinese, Happy Chinese New Year! 

P/S: My husband is half chinese as well. His mother is chinese, adopted & raised by malay. He look alot like chinese, very obvious to the point that it is annoying when everytime people question of his race.


  1. For me Aimi and arwah Daniel memang nampak ada mix blood chinesse But you and kakak more Malay looks.

    1. Yela...aimi & arwah ja ada muka exotic sket..dayana dn kakak muka tradisional..hahahaha....