Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Chinese New Year (2012)

I actually wanted to blog about something else but nevermind, we can talk about my Chinese New Year celebrations first . This year not so best because my grandmother's neighbor was having a funeral. The chinese usually held funeral for 2-3 days. So no bunga api & mercun to burn to respect the dead & grieving family. Also we couldn't lepak at the porch as we just stayed indoor, TV pun tak bukak sangat. I don't even took much pictures. No picture of me or my family just because we did not wore hijab on any of the pic. Just some pics of my kids. My cousins were late so i did not took their groovy CNY outfit..believe me, they dress to the nine macam nak nyanyi concert! Most of the activity was eating. We ate, we sembang..that were all we did. Enjoy some pictures below.

WOW...angpows! :D

My uncle giving out ang pows. Every year he would wear quirky  headbands. This year was angry bird, last year was devil's horn i think. Yes, he is a funnyman.
2012 is the year of Water Dragon
What we had during CNY's eve family feast. The ikan bawal steam & its chilli paste were so delicious!
Also, on the day of Chinese New Year we went to our other grandmother (malay side) to have afternoon makan-makan. Lots of yummy food were served and we were full to the max. Dah la malam tu ada BBQ at my chinese family's house pulak. Both side also suka makan, any occasion also mesti makan. Malas nak cakap banyak, just refer to pictures below of what we ate on that noon.

Coney dogs. Yes macam A&W punya but lain sket rasanya.
Fruit salads. Nice!
Makaroni goreng. My favourite!
Agar-agar milo. Super sedap!
Ada jugak fried mihun, lempeng pisang, cakes but tak sempat nak snap semua. One more thing that i want to highlight is that we had good coffee made by Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee maker that we had there. Memang impian coffee lover to have this machine at home. You can have a good coffee ala Starbucks at your own convenience. You can choose either Mocha, Cappucino, Latte or Espresso. The coffee is really good, creamy & foamy, just like those expensive ones. The machine cost about RM300 (not sure of the price) and you also have to buy the capsule (coffee & milk) that cost you RM27 per box of 8 (means you can have 8 cups of coffee). My husband & i actually thought about buying it but rasa macam tak perlu pun ada, dah la capsule die mahal. Anyway, i think it is a good buy if you love coffee and always spend your money to buy good coffee outside (particularly at Starbucks or Coffee Beans). I insert some photos of the machine for your reference. Anyway, i bukan promote or jual this machine ya..just sincerely to share with you all. 

Dolce Gusto coffee maker. Makes good coffee  at home!
The behind box contain capsules. 8 capsules for 8  cups of coffee.  I bought Latte Macchiato

Ok dear, that is all. Hungry already? Me...i am craving for coffee right now! Haihhh...

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